Women’s Sweaters Spring Trendy

Spring days bring with them the possibility of endless layering. We combine vests, shirts, sweaters, jackets and scarves, alternating between different types of shoes and enjoy fashion accessories. Felting like? Maybe you just are looking after the spring bundičce, but what about trying knit sweater! Oversize spring jackets and sweaters are in. We wear flannel shirts and sweaters with reference to distant years or do we accept kardiganům light pastel tones? Consider the collection of spring sweaters Zara.

Loose sweaters for Spring

Comfort and style. This is the motto for the spring fashion. For several seasons we are governed, loosely cut, oversize coats and sweaters, and pants still holds a comfortable design. Spring 2014 is also in the fashion world is going this way and offers us a large number of casual sweaters – whether from stronger or weaker materials.

Here again we come to the infinite possibilities of layering that gives the outfit Smrčí. We put on a light sweater coat instead of a long knit sweater, add a colorful scarf and a model in the world.

Definite hit a poncho. This piece of clothing, a moment of stalls disappeared, and variations’ll see you next winter in interesting variations. I tell you that we will meet with jackets and coats in style ponchos, so why not try in the spring in poncho sweater characteristics mentioned by ExtraReference?

Sweaters short above the belly button

Practical page often goes in the fashion world party. At Zara it is necessary to create an original fashion one piece. And so short sweaters dating back over your belly button pervaded the spring collection. Although they are taken using the lookbook alone, but do not be mistaken and calmly beneath them dress shirt in a contrasting color.

On the other hand, they are in the collection of sweaters teetering on the edge of sweater and T-shirts. They lightweight materials and are often used on them interesting element (for example, chain or transparent sleeves).