Women’s Wallets– Photos And Models

Wallets For Women

Women’s wallets went from a simple utensil that belonged to the interior of the bags for a fundamental accessory to complete any look. Now they are no longer out of sight, the prominent place appearing also as bags made the very important point of turning tendency.

After all it is no use displaying a beautiful purse and have an ugly wallet when you have to pay or receive any money, your coins, checkbook anyway everything easily accessible to facilitate our life!


There are many types of wallets, it would be impossible to list them all, because the text would be infinitely large. However some models can be highlighted, including the smooth leather with ZIP applications. When the portfolio is quite simple, the cool thing is to invest in a fastened worked with brooch or clasp of metal, even with precious stones or pearls. These are great for evening occasions, as handbagpicks says.

There are also models of party made in satin, these often are also very basic, since the highlight goes to the fabric. The maximum that we see out there is the sewing type, usually matelacê.

Nowadays as the textured leathers and different materials such as glitter, fashion, you can find beautiful portfolios in snakeskin, by the ounce, zebra, cow, Tiger, and others. As for the sparkles, the models totally covered with glitter are glamorous, beautiful great for fall in the ballad.

To load inside the bag, the best is to invest in a flat wallet, that can be used with any bag. The man is always a shade of nude, black or brown. Choose one that meets all your needs.