Wood Watches by JORD – Handmade Watches Made of Wood

A new clock mode has climbed the market, watches made from wood. The Woodwatches by Jord look very attractive and show up in a variety of designs that express themselves in different colors and shapes. The watches are all handmade and fascinated by a very special nature-loving look and always will be an eye-catcher. You have by the naturalness of wood for a very special charisma and aura underline the different types of wood in the natural colors and grain patterns. They are available from very light wood up to a dark shade, so that they fit well to the various skin types.

For example, the series of Ely. These watches are petite and have a very elegant design, according to jibin123. These are watches that can put a smile in the face of the wearer without an apparent reason. They are compact and very lightweight and offer a pleasant wearing comfort. The processing and quality leave no wish unfulfilled. Also the used materials such as glass and housing, show very high quality such as:


(1) hardened, scratch-resistant glass surface: 26 mm in diameter

(2) premium-citizen Miyota movement with date window

(3) single action locking clip (stainless steel)

(4) frame / bezel: 34 mm diameter

(5) tape width: 21.5 mm

(6) wood thickness: 40 mm

The special is on this watch, no numbers having, but merely a decorative display of date. However you can read the time easily. The manufacturer Jord has come with these watches up with something very special. This is a look, the one no longer wants to renounce, once you saw these watches. The model of Ely consists of very light wood with a bright dial and this watch was made of maple wood. But also mahogany and cherry wood are types of wood that are used for this purpose. A look that fascinates and becomes a constant companion in everyday life. But not only in everyday life, but also for festive occasions this watch is to wear, because they radiate a special fascination. These are pieces of jewelry that you can have enough and it causes also the attractive price/performance ratio, the mentioned model is Ely for 129 dollars to get. These are just once about €95 at the current exchange rate and shipping from the United States costs only $20 with UPS.

These watches are suitable for both men and women. The men can get these clocks in a wide variety of designs. You will provide each viewer enthusiasm. A highlight of watches that can become a constant companion with a natural grain in different types of wood. Woodwatches are a very special accessory that there was as yet not so far. Quite particularly elegant, the clock in cherry wood looks, because this is a very intense color and becomes an eye-catcher with a distinctive grain. These are watches, in which you simply will fall in love and the Jord Woodwatches are simply wonderful in combination with other natural accessories and jewelry such as wooden bangles and wooden bead necklaces.

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