x Factor Arisa Simona Ventura

Last night in X Factor 5 was released Vincenzo and Morgan has been without competitors in the race but above all, yesterday Arisa wore a really cute look and beat Simona Ventura across the board. I know it’s not nice to make comparisons, but I think it’s inevitable when the jury there are two women: a sophisticated, super glamorous and another that seems (to be) a mix between the ugly duckling and Fantozzi daughter. However, Arisa, hair aside, is blossoming and, episode after episode, it is more and more beautiful.

Yesterday evening Arisa chose an outfit signed glam rock Frankie Morello, I was a bit ‘skeptical when it was announced that he would be to dress the singer Lucan, and instead is proving to be a genius. Bravo Frankie Morello! Simona Ventura instead chose the style of Salvatore Ferragamo ‘s just that there is something that is not working, Super Simo, on the contrary de The Modern helium, is still not on the right way … and there are only two episodes for the final! Simona Ventura, episode after episode, it seems to age at least 5 years!Yesterday chose a sweater white plush effect and a skirt covered white with golden threads, one granny style that wants to make the modern that I did not like it one bit.

And ‘as if choosing the summer dress on the relationshipsplus, he was playing well with the total look in houndstooth that, if anything, was irony in its purest form. We hope the best. Arisa instead last night was fabulous! A sheath dress short in red leather with a sweetheart neckline, a shrug in black tulle very seductive and glamorous, a black belt and heels high and then a jacket in faux fur, which fortunately has been “given” Morgan! And ‘lost weight, he took off his glasses … now missing only a sprucing up the hair! Besides a nice look yesterday Arisa pulled out a beautiful voice (other than Sincerity …) to XTra Factor, has a duet with Claudio on the song “Still” Mina. What do you think?