Xiaomi MI Pad-Is The a Clone Of Ipad Mini?

Yesterday, the first in-house tablet was called, presented by the Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi, or now just MI. This can be seen on the basis of the specifications. What is striking but also the first look: it looks very similar to a tablet.

If you would replace the MI logo against a half-eaten Apple, Apple introduced the new iPad 2 C with plastic back. But that is not the case. The colorful Tablet comes from the emerging manufacturer Xiaomi.

2010 was founded, and became market leader in China end 2013. Xiaomi has specialized in the development and manufacture of high-end smartphones, as well as the Android software interface MIUI. approximately 18.7 million Xiaomi smartphones were sold in 2013. The goal for 2014 is to sell 60 million devices. In the first quarter of this year have already 11 million smartphones over the counter. In addition to TVs, Xiaomi produces also router.

The product portfolio has been enhanced by a device since yesterday. Contrary to many expectations, not the successor of Mi3, but an own tablet was unveiled yesterday. And this has really neat steam under the hood.

Proper equipment

The Xiaomi MI pad has a 7.9 inch screen with IPS technology. This ensures a good Blickwinkelstablilität. The resolution is 2.048 x 1.536 pixels. That is more than full-HD (1920 x 1080). In this resolution a pixel density of 324 results ppi in an aspect ratio of 4:3. It should be sufficiently sharp to detect no individual pixels at normal use.

Pad is powered the MI of the K1-SoC Tegra ARM Cortex A15 based on NVIDIA. This processor has been presented so far only and is pad in Wed for the first time used. It is maximum with 2.2 GHz. NVIDIA promises incredible graphics performance of the processor. 2 gigabytes of RAM support the power of the device.

Either 16 or 64 gigabytes are installed in the MI pad. Upgrade can be the internal memory via micro SD card on up to 128 GB. The Tablet has two cameras. The main camera dissolves with 8 mega pixels and has an aperture of f2. 0. The front camera has 5 MP. Both cameras support video recording in full HD.

A mobile module is unfortunately not installed Wed pad. For the fast WLAN standard 802.11 ac. Thus, transmission rates are in there by over 1 Gbit per second. Also has the Tablet Bluetooth 4.0 and a stereo speaker. 6. 700mAh battery is firmly fitted and can be replaced by the user cannot stand alone.

MI pad measures 202,1 mm in height and 135.4 mm in width. The device is slim 8.5 mm and weighs 360 g. The frame of the tablets consists of metal, the outer shell made of plastic. Is delivered from the tablet with the latest Android version KitKat of 4.4.2 Xiaomi has installed MIUI their interface on it. It is being developed by the Chinese manufacturer. But not only for the own equipment, but also as a Custom Rom for many devices of other manufacturers. Don’t worry: MIUI is installed in German. Only the manual is probably only in Chinese.

Comparison with the mini iPad retina


As already written, you might think that one has the iPad mini 2C front. Apparently Xiaomi has no ideas or have only very much inspired by the company from Cupertino. But you can say what you want. I like the design. Simple, easy and colorful. For each certainly the right color here. You can choose between red, yellow, blue and green. For those who prefer something more discreet, it does pad MI in the colours white and grey.

The shape and dimensions of the two devices are close very together. Other specifications can be hardly distinguished. An equal size screen with identical resolution, same dimensions and a same form. Even the operating system is heavily made up. Only when the performance, there are differences in the data sheet. How much these are revealed, only a real test can show.

I tested for the first time on the Mi3 of Xiaomi MIUI. Immediately the similarity to iOS I noticed. The app drawer is dropped completely. The symbols are all a little rounded. The animations between apps are very soft. Everything is very colorful and simple. Just like iOS 7 MIUI is still based on Android and therefore very much brings more options than Apple’s mobile operating system.

Time apart, Xiaomi Apple copied pad has or not, with the MI of the Chinese manufacturer has introduced a really powerful tablet. The specifications can look the part very well. Also in addition to the American competition. And it was not even talked about the price. From June it is sold MI initially pad in China in a beta program. Variant, the 16 GB will cost approx. 180 euro. She should with 64 GB only 20 euros more, so 200 euros. Then various fees, customs are also otherwise if you ordered it here. It is not yet known whether the MI pad officially comes to Germany. In our online shop, there are definitely the Mi3 of Xiaomi without detours.