Yahoo Accounts are Hacked in China

And Chinese censorship back to move. Until then focusing on the services Google, Beijing stopped short of pressing the Mountain View company. The next target is Yahoo, which saw all e-mail from multiple users are hacked in recent days.

Interestingly, most of Yahoo Mail accounts that have been invaded are people who have some connection with uninteresting matters to the Chinese government (such as the massacre in Tiananmen Square or the abuses that Beijing commits in an attempt to keep the dictatorial regime in operation).

The journalist Kathleen McLaughlin, for example, had access to email restricted from 25 March (Thursday) and today (Wednesday). Kathleen works as a freelancer in Beijing, which already gives clues of why your Yahoo Mail was suddenly blocked.

Andrew Jacobs, a journalist of the prestigious New York Times who lives in Beijing, also noticed a strange movement in his Yahoo Plus account email service paid Yahoo. The reporter’s e-mail has been reconfigured so that all messages to be forwarded to another e-mail, which is not his. Very suspicious, no?

The question is what will be the next big service to suffer at the hands of Chinese rule. It is worth remembering that Google is gradually coming out of China, but Yahoo and Microsoft / Bing continue to collude with the censorship that Beijing imposes on services search.