YouTube Will Give Free Course to Teach to Get the Most out of the Site

We know the importance of YouTube to create content on the internet and also sees daily how Brazilians are each day more committed to producing excellent quality videos that network. But how to stand out among so many channels already established and become a videographer relevant too? YouTube will help you in this endeavor itself.

The site will give a course called Maximize Your Channel to teach how to increase the number of subscribers to the channel, attracting visitors back daily, organize videos on the page and optimize them for each device.

The course will be translated from YouTube Creator Academy, a channel that has dozens of videos that teach users to take advantage of the YouTube maximum and its tools. It will be the first offered with subtitles in Portuguese and will be divided into two sessions of three classes each, and a final evaluation. Other evaluations and activities are proposed along the course, which runs from September 30 to October 18, and it is recommended to devote six to eight hours per week for study – YouTube is not kidding!

In the end, those who meet the minimum activity (do the activities of each class and achieve at least 75% in the questionnaire of each and the final evaluation) receives a sort of certificate of completion.

Interested? To participate, you must have a YouTube channel with at least 10 videos and be over 13 years. Overcome these obstacles, registration is free.