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The culture of the United States has a great influence in several regions around the world. The cuisine, trends in the world of fashion, the entertainment (film, television or music) and sports are widely recognized by thousands of people around the planet.

The American people are well known for two characteristics: individuality and patriotism. Unlike, for example, the peoples of Latin America, most Americans have a more reserved personality. Patriotism is seen everywhere. Flags are flown in most establishments, and people also often wear clothing that bears country symbols.

United States Culture

There are a variety of ethnic groups in the country and thousands of foreigners from different parts of the world. The cultural diversity is one of the main characteristics of the population living in the United States. This great diversity is due not only to the colonization in the country but also to the strong attraction that the nation has in relation to other regions. Many people migrate to the country in search of better living conditions and job opportunities .

Gastronomy is represented especially by fast foods  which have become a fever in several other countries, such as Brazil. Large companies like McDonald’s and Burguer King were founded and have their headquarters in the country.

The sports are also quite representative in the American culture. The United States has large selections in various sports. In several world tournaments, the country has extremely competitive teams. Sports like baseball, football and basketball are very popular with Americans.


The American population has approximately 326,766,748 residents, according to the IBGE. A large part of the population is made up of immigrants, coming from countries in Latin America and the Asian continent in particular. According to the 2017 report prepared by the Center for Immigration Studies, the number of immigrants in the U.S. has exceeded 43 million, with Mexicans the most migrating to that country.

The state of California receives the most immigrants, given its policy aimed at these, unlike other states. Regarding Brazilians, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are approximately 1.4 million of these in the United States.

The ZIP Code or ZC is the postal code of the postal service of the United States – United States Postal Service. It’s a five-character code, introduced on 1 July 1963, which was expanded in 1983 to four digits, according to Countryaah.

800 Zip Codes

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The United States is a country of unlimited possibilities – that’s a good reason to spend a versatile vacation there. Everyone will find exactly what they are looking for here – be it a vacation in untouched nature or a city trip to one of the exciting metropolises such as New York, Los Angeles or Miami. Even sun worshipers will not miss out on a large selection of dream beaches.

The many national parks, which could hardly be more different in terms of landscape, should not be missing on your trip to the USA! The Southwest of the United States is for example one of the most visited regions and impresses with impressive desert landscapes, wonderful mountains and great beaches.

On a tour along the west coast on the famous Highways 101, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world, you can experience many unique views. The north of the USA is known for its overwhelming mountain scenery and huge forests.

In the  Midwest  you will find very friendly and open-minded hosts who create a homely and cozy atmosphere where you can only feel comfortable. Endless expanses and huge cattle farms can be enjoyed to the fullest here.

Around the famous  Great Lakes  you will find everything a traveler’s heart desires. Large forest areas, grass plains, savannas and swamps, but also lively metropolises such as Detroit and  Chicago impress both adventurers and those seeking peace.

To the north east are the New England states, which have a very special natural spectacle to offer: the famous Indian Summer. This is a unique experience, because in late autumn you can experience a particularly warm weather period, which is accompanied by an unusual play of colors with wonderfully discolored leaves.

The east coast, however, impresses with the  capital region  with the capital  Washington DC.  and other vibrant metropolises, such as the metropolis of New York, and fabulous coastlines. The southeastern United States in turn offers almost endless beaches where the water sparkles fascinatingly. The year-round Florida bathing destination is particularly well known for this. Not to forget the southern states, known as the birthplace of gospel, blues and also country music. They attract not only with wonderful music, but also with an impressive history and a variety of beautiful plantations.

In addition to the fantastic landscapes, the USA also offers various highlights culturally and historically. But also everyone who is looking for a lot of action will definitely get their money’s worth in the USA, because there are great hiking, climbing and trekking opportunities – for example in the  Rocky Mountains  -, the best ski resorts for varied and energetic winter sports and a variety of activities for water sports enthusiasts.

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