10 Ways to Use Maxi Earrings and Raze in Productions

Learn why bet this trend and how to use the attachment without exaggeration

The maxi earrings are up this season, but it’s not today that this accessory is featured in visual. Since the Decade of 60, with the hippie fashion through the years 70, with disco music, and years 80, if and combinations of appeal exaggerated, they are used to increment the looks, in addition to expressing personality.

The “Moon rocks” won celebrities such as Fernanda Paes Leme, Bruna Majmudar, Beyoncé and Khloe Kardashian, who has realized that the attachment highlights the area of the face and neck, and can be used in several ways. On the red carpet and also day to day. check out 10 reasons to invest in maxi earrings and use the attachment without exaggeration.

1-day by day

As the earring will be the key to look, it is important to choose clothes without too many details, with small prints, well the basic style. “You can choose a clean production with jeans and shirt and play the maxi earrings to give one up. Just don’t overdo it in the brightness and choose models like silver brushed or with few stones, believes the fashion designer and costume designer Leanda milk.

2-Hair stuck

For women with short hair, the recommendation is to bet on maxi vertical, those long earring or with fringe style. Already women with long hair can wires tied in buns or ponytails to leave the accessory even more in evidence, as he, alone, steals all the attention.

3 – colors and styles

Leanda Milk fashion designer says that there are not many mysteries to coordinate the clothes with the maxi accessories. But we must be careful not to overdo it at! “Just consider whether the look has a lot of information, the type of neckline, and colors. Generally, these looks with more prints and colors asking for a uniform tone earring, with less glare, stones more discreet or brushed gloss. The looks more smooth and give basic opening for any kind of maxi paste, colorful, shiny, stones, Rhinestones, believes.

4 – Cleavage

The maxi earring coordinates great with parts with any format of cleavage, as long as it does not have details on the collar or on the shoulders. “Necklines that let the shoulders the shows are the best option. We need to avoid big prints, lace and shirts with ties, tie type. They end up conflicting with the accessory “, explains the Taha’s Forella styling.

5-an accessory at a time

If the maxi earring is the accessory chosen for production from ruizesolar, the trick is not to use any other or invest in smaller items such as rings, for example. Even if your earring large combine with that maxi necklace beautiful together leave the visual inelegant and exaggerated. In this case, less is always more.

6-hair blowing in the wind

Productions with loose hair ask most discreet, as pieces of metal or with a color using a maxi tone of the earring in sections is also recommended for production not to be unreasonable.

7-Look Beach

For more summer boho looks, you can bet on multicolored parts and play with hippie style, including using the maxi earring in one side. “On the beach, the Bikini strapless, for example, is super versatile for this accessory, combining with maxi colorful earrings, mandalas, natural stones, among others,” says Leanda.

8-night productions

On the red carpet, the famous abuse diamond earrings maxi, crystals and stones. Everything always aligning with the dress and the hairstyle chosen for the occasion. For parties or look night this is the main Tip: in the case of black dresses, with or without cleavage, the idea is to take advantage of colorful earrings, maxi with stones and even brightness. In the case of more elaborate and flashy clothes, with vibrant colors, the big earrings should follow a more minimalist, with only one tom and stones discreet.

9-Balance of styles

Deep neckline, large print, striking color, length mini and maxi … earring? The experts interviewed in this article agree: it is necessary to maintain balance because this great accessory by itself, manages to stand out well without many tricks around. Before use, it is important to analyze each one of the pieces that make up the look and reach a harmony that let the woman even more beautiful and ready for the best moments of life.

10-your way

The maxi earrings appear in several sizes and colors this season, as one of the most sought after accessories to complement your looks. “The catwalks of the SPFW, the models that are up are super colorful, geometric formats, metallic, Moon rocks, with tassels, wood, shells to tissues,” says the styling Taha Shaikh. Worth betting on this item in forms of nature like leaves and butterflies and also in the canoe shape.