Cyprus Top Sights

Travel to Cyprus

Something for everyone Cyprus is a popular destination for families, fun-loving but also for older couples who just want to take it easy and enjoy the beautiful nature. The island is beautifully situated in the Mediterranean, close to both Syria and Turkey. The mild climate that prevails all year round makes the island a great […]

Greece Top Sights

Travel to Greece

Greece has long been high on many lists of places to visit. In addition, the country has long been considered the cradle of civilization and has an incredibly rich cultural heritage. The islands such as Kos, Crete and Rhodes have attracted large numbers of tourists for decades and the capital Athens with its ancient temples, […]

Experience Kalamata

Experience Kalamata

Kalamata is one of Greece’s most visited cities and mainly attracts tourists thanks to its beautiful sandy beaches and wonderful food culture. You have probably tasted at least one or two olives from Kalamata, as this is one of the city’s hallmarks. If you love good food and a wonderful view, then you will appreciate […]

5 musts in Vathi

5 Must in Vathi

Vathi is full of cute little alleys, cafes, shops and attractions that you can read about in this article. If you have gone to Vathi, it is probably sun, swimming and relaxation you want to indulge in and then you can write up some valuable information about some musts that should be checked off during […]

5 musts in Pythagorion

5 Must in Pythagorion

The hometown of the mathematician Pythagoras, Pythagorion is one of Samo’s most important cities, even one of Greece’s most important cities. Here is one of the world’s oldest ports and a number of interesting sights and activities can be booked or done when you come here. Sure, Pythagorion is now known as a vacation paradise […]

Pythagorion as the next destination

Pythagorion as the Next Destination

Not far from the capital Vathi or the city of Samos, lies a picturesque town called Pythagorion. It is the birthplace of the mathematician Pythagoras and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Like Vathi, it is located on the southwest side and has actually become the island’s largest tourist destination for charter travelers. However, […]

Samos 300 beaches

Samos 300 Beaches

Samos has a lot to be proud of. The sweet Samos pig that even Lord Byron was said to love, its ancient ruins and sights as well as the hundreds of beaches that attract thousands of tourists year after year. On Samos you can swim at over 300 beaches – large and small – and […]


Travel to Vathi

Samo’s largest city actually has two names: It is called the city of Samos and Vathi at the same time. Vathi is the older name of the city that has now been renamed. Here you can combine swimming and sunbathing with shopping and nightlife at the same time as you get to experience Greek everyday […]



Greece has many islands and one of them is Samos which has recently been named the best charter destination by a large number of travelers. Samos belongs to the North Aegean Islands and is located in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea. There are about 35,000 inhabitants here and you can basically look over […]

5 must in Molivos

5 Must in Molivos

In Molivos, enjoyment of life is high on the agenda and since this is an ancient medieval village on one of Greece’s largest islands, there are many activities and sights to explore. Around Molivos there are wonderful hiking trails and beaches and inside the city you can enjoy good food, ouzo drinks and shopping in […]

5 must when in Petra, Lesbos

5 Must When in Petra, Lesbos

Molivo’s neighboring village of Petra is definitely worth a stop on the way if you spend time on Lesbos. If you have not designated this village as your capital during the trip, you should at least stop here to explore what the city has to offer. Between Molivos and Petra there is a daily mini […]

Famous attractions in Molivos

Famous Attractions in Molivos

The medieval village of Molivos, or Mithymna as it is actually called, is a well-visited place on the Greek island of Lesbos. The whole village breathes history and romance and follows strict rules on how the houses and architecture should be preserved. This small fairytale village is a sight on the whole and just by […]

The romantic Molivos

The Romantic Molivos

Molivos is an ancient medieval town located on the north side of Lesbos. Here you can admire ancient fortresses, walk along the narrow cobbled alleys and watch the rich bird life that the town is known for. The biggest charm of Molivos is that it is located around a mountain on a hill, so you […]

Take it off to Lesbos

Take it off to Lesbos

Lesbos is a fertile small island that provides about 11 million olive trees. This is also where 80% of the Greek production of ouzo takes place, which is an aniseed spice drink that you like to drink as an aperitif. The name Lesbos actually comes from the word lesbian, when the famous female poet Sappho […]

Canary Islands Top Sights

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have flourished abundantly in both media and films since the charter became a fact for Swedish travelers in the 60s and onwards. This archipelago is almost like its own small continent in miniature and there is always something to see and experience even though you have been there before. All kinds of […]

The finest beaches on Fuerteventura

The Finest Beaches on Fuerteventura

It’s no secret that Fuerteventura has become a holiday paradise for sunbathing people from all over the continent. Many even say that 7 of Europe’s best beaches are gathered here. The beaches that are available are also very varied and can cover most needs. The 200 km long stretch of beach on the island is […]

Wonderful beaches on Lanzarote

Wonderful Beaches on Lanzarote

Lanzarote has, among other things, been called the island of the hundred beaches and therefore it is no wonder that the island is so well visited by curious sunbathers. Lanzarote has beaches from north to south and some of them have even been praised as some of the best in all of Spain. Some of […]

Do not miss this on Lanzarote

5 Must in Lanzarote

Root millions of tourists who agree that Lanzarote is a wonderfully beautiful island with unique houses, fabulous beaches and majestic volcanoes, the island is still not as exploited as Tenerife or Gran Canaria. The small scale that prevails here has been well preserved and so far tourists and visitors have not managed to ruin its […]

Gran Canaria's best beaches

Gran Canaria’s Best Beaches

Together with Tenerife, Gran Canaria is the largest island in the Canary Islands archipelago and it is also the island with the most beaches. If you are looking for sun, swimming and water sports such as surfing, snorkelling and diving, then you should go to Gran Canaria. The beaches are lined up along the entire […]

Tenerife's best beaches

Tenerife’s Best Beaches

The large Canary Island of Tenerife is not only volcanoes and culture, but a variety of beautiful beaches suitable for both surfers and families with children. The northern part is greener and also has slightly wilder beaches with bigger waves for surfers, while the southern part of the island is better for families with children. […]

5 things not to miss in Gran Canaria

5 Things to Do in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is an island full of sights and opportunities for cozy excursions. It is the third largest island in the Spanish archipelago of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic. If you are planning a trip here, this guide will hopefully help you pick the best raisins out of the cake. With a mix of […]

5 things not to miss on Fuertaventura

5 Things to Do on Fuertaventura

Fuerteventura dances at a completely different pace than the rest of Spain and also the rest of the Canary Islands. With its moon-like landscape and face facing the continent of Africa, this small island holds several continents at once. Sand dunes, red, rugged mountains, dormant volcanoes and Spanish scents and villages exist side by side […]

The craving for Tenerife

The Craving for Tenerife?

The island of Tenerife has had tourists since the 19th century and is thus not a newcomer to charter travelers, even though the travels of that time were much more different from those that came later. Tenerife is a large island and has great diversity in terms of nature and range of experiences. Its popularity […]