Travel to Belize

If you want to visit a slightly different country in the Caribbean than the usual destinations, then a trip to the adventurous Belize is an excellent choice. Here it almost feels like you have ended up in a mix of Jamaica, Costa Rica and the Mayan culture that is constantly visible. Rainforests, wildlife, outdoor life […]

Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the country with deep rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls and dreamy beaches. The country is a perfect destination for those who like to surf in high waves, dive in clear blue water or hike in one of the many national parks that Costa Rica has to offer. There is something for everyone here and […]

El Salvador

Travel to El Salvador

On the western side of Central America and on the Pacific coast, lies El Salvador. It is the smallest state in Central America and is also the only country that does not have a coast facing the Caribbean Sea. According to itypeauto, the country has often been called the “Land of Volcanoes”, although volcanoes are […]


Travel to Honduras

Most of us who have visited Honduras know that the country is not far from a perfect paradise – at least in terms of nature. Tropical beaches, ancient Mayan ruins and fascinating colonial cities… you could briefly describe Honduras. As Central America’s second largest country, it has a lot to offer; according to aceinland, everything […]


Travel to Guatemala

Guatemala is a popular destination located south of Mexico in Central America. According to itypetravel, it also borders Honduras, El Salvador and Belize. Spanish is the official language, but in addition to that, over 21 different Native American languages ​​are spoken in the country. Like its neighbors, nature is dominated by mountains, volcanoes and rainforests […]


Travel to Panama

For those who dare to go far from Sweden’s borders and want to experience an amazing nature, Panama is a clear destination. The total area of ​​the whole country is as small as Svealand, but still they have managed to crowd huge volcanoes, houses that reach all the way up to the clouds and a […]


Travel to Nicaragua

Many travelers head for countries such as Costa Rica or Guatemala instead of Nicaragua when visiting Central America. This may be because it is considered the poorest country in Central America, which has led to reduced tourism, but in recent years, the number of travelers has turned their attention to this scenic country that has […]

Popular Cyprus - Something for You

Popular Cyprus – Something for You?

Cyprus is one of the more popular holiday destinations for us Swedes. Every year, tens of thousands of Swedes travel to Cyprus to sunbathe, swim, experience historical sites and just enjoy. Cyprus offers a wonderful mix of beautiful architecture, chalk-white beaches and crystal clear water. The best time to travel is during the summer, but […]

Ayia Napa

Travel to Ayia Napa

Most people are familiar with the popular resort of Ayia Napa in Cyprus and the destination is widely known for its party life. Many people may associate the place with young people and wild parties, but the fact is that Aiya Napa has a lot to offer all kinds of holidaymakers. Here is something for […]

5 must in Nicosia

5 Must in Nicosia

If you are thinking of visiting the capital of Cyprus Nicosia, there is a whole host of attractions. Above all, the city is packed with museums, art galleries, churches and cathedrals. Tourists usually flock around the old town, where many attractions are gathered in a fairly small area. Walking around there is an absolute must […]


Travel to Nicosia

The capital of Cyprus Nicosia is centrally located on the island and has become a popular destination for tourists, not least because of its rich history. The older parts of the city center are full of sights and just walking around the area is an experience in itself. Visiting a couple of museums, churches and […]