Facts of Japan

Facts of Japan

Read more about tips, currency, transportation, price levels and more in connection with your trip to Japan. Language: Japanese Capital: Tokyo Population: 127 million Religion: Shintoism, Buddhism and Christianity Currency: Yen Surface: 377,915 km2 Worth knowing Time difference The time difference between Sweden and Japan varies depending on whether Sweden has summer or winter time: […]

Germany History - Denominational Age 1

Germany History: Denominational Age (1517-1648) Part I

The most enduring result of Maximilian I’s dynastic policy was the unification of the empires of Aragon, Castile and Naples-Sicily with the Habsburg and Burgundian lands under the rule of his eldest grandson Charles in 1516. As Emperor Charles V (1519–56), Germany was just a side country to his Burgundian-Spanish empire. In his politics the struggle for Italy against France was […]

The GDR under Honecker 1

The GDR under Honecker (1971-1989) Part I

On May 3, 1971 (official announcement) E. Honecker was elected First Secretary (since 1976 General Secretary) of the Central Committee of the SED and chairman of the National Defense Council after an intrigue of the Politburo, which he was instrumental in driving, as Ulbricht’s successor. After Ulbricht’s death (August 1st, 1973) Stoph took over the office of State Council Chairman, Horst Sindermann (* 1915, […]

Facts of Peru

Facts of Peru

Read more about hygiene, transport and price levels in connection with your trip to Peru. Language: Quechua and Spanish Capital: Lima Population: 30, 7 mill. Religion: Roman Catholic Currency: Solar Surface1 285 216 km2 Worth knowing Height Our trips in Peru can involve some hiking, which presupposes that you are in generally good physical shape […]

Travel to Malaysia

Travel to Malaysia

Population: 31.3 million Capital: Kuala Lumpur Language: Malaysian and Chinese the world’s oldest tropical rainforest is in Malaysia? It is 130 million years old and is older than the rainforests of the Amazon and the Congo. the Malays are very interested in food? Traders from different parts of Asia have taken their culinary habits with […]

Travel to the Galapagos

Travel to the Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are world famous for their unique wildlife. Many species are only found here, e.g. giant turtles, sea and land iguanas and darwin finches. The islands also have distinctive vegetation and a dry and pleasant climate. According to topschoolsoflaw, the Galápagos is rightly on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here there are good […]

Travel to Vietnam

Travel to Vietnam

The nature of Vietnam is truly magnificent: the vast Mekong Delta, the limestone mountains of Halong Bay, long wonderful coastlines, green rice fields and mountain slopes lined with teak trees. Vietnam also offers buildings from past times, religious temples, colorful street life and fascinating mountain tribes of Tibetan and Mongolian origin. Visit weddinginfashion for Vietnam Very […]

From the Peace of Westphalia to the Congress of Vienna 3

Germany History: From the Peace of Westphalia to the Congress of Vienna (1648–1815) Part III

French revolutionary wars, dissolution of the empire The social and political foundations of the European states, however, suffered a decisive shock from the French Revolution of 1789. Their appeal to “freedom, equality and brotherhood” threatened the absolutist as well as the estate order in Germany, especially since the intervention of Austria and Prussia against France […]

Grenada Overview

Grenada Overview

State of Central America (344.5 km²). Capital: Saint George’s. Population: 105,303 (2012 estimate). Language: English (official), Creole-English, Creole-French. Religion: Catholics 41%, Protestants 30%, Rastafarans 5%, others 24%. Currency unit: East Caribbean dollar (100 cents). Human Development Index: 0.774 (79th place). Borders: Atlantic Ocean (E), Sea of ​​Antilles (W). Member of: Caricom, Commonwealth, OAS, UN and […]

United States Entry Requirements

United States Entry Requirements

Changed travel regulations during and after the corona pandemic According to allcitycodes, the US government has renewed the current entry ban for people who have been in Germany or another country in the Schengen area within a period of 14 days prior to entry with a Presidential Proclamation until further notice. There are also entry restrictions for […]

Travel to Belarus

Travel to Belarus

Belarus, which officially goes by the name Republic of Belarus and is located in the eastern part of Europe, has for many been an unknown and closed country. Belarus borders Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. In Belarus you will find stately UNESCO-listed castles, mighty Stalinist architecture in Minsk, eventful and dramatic history in the […]

From the Peace of Westphalia to the Congress of Vienna 2

Germany History: From the Peace of Westphalia to the Congress of Vienna (1648–1815) Part II

After the “Great Elector” Friedrich Wilhelm (1640–88) had laid the foundations for the state expansion of his territories, Elector Friedrich III. of Brandenburg (since 1688) on January 18, 1701 in Königsberg, Prussia, which did not belong to the empire, became a kingdom (until 1713 king as Friedrich I), while the Wittelsbach elector Maximilian II. Emanuel von Bayern (1679–1726) received such an increase […]

Nepal Geography

Nepal Geography

HUMAN GEOGRAPHY The ethnic composition of Nepal is very complex given that in historical times populations of different cultures and origins have settled there, arriving in successive waves from practically all the neighboring regions. Only the descendants of the most ancient Nepalese populations belonging to the Mongoloid lineage, especially the Newari, which have been widespread […]

From the Peace of Westphalia to the Congress of Vienna 1

Germany History: From the Peace of Westphalia to the Congress of Vienna (1648–1815) Part I

Creation of absolutist princely states The Reichstag, which met in Regensburg in 1663, developed into a permanent conference of ambassadors (“everlasting Reichstag”) of the imperial estates, v. a. of the sovereigns, in whose territories the focus of political life shifted. Here emerged – favored by the resolutions of the “Youngest Reichs Farewell” of the Regensburg […]

The World Pyramid 2

The World as a Pyramid Part II

6: Where do the poorest live? The new UN goals look not only at countries as a whole, but also at differences within countries. In one state in India, 80 percent are poor, in another it is not much more than 10 percent. In this country, with an explosive technological development and modern ICT sector, […]

The World Pyramid 1

The World as a Pyramid Part I

In the summer of 2014, there have been a number of UN reports on global poverty and inequality. They say that the first and most famous of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals has already been reached before 2015. The proportion of poor people has been halved since 1990, and heads of state from our part […]

Refugees during the Korean War

Storm over Korea Part IV

7: Lee Myung Bak Lee Myung Bak was born in Osaka, Japan on December 17, 1941, shortly after Japan attacked the US Navy base at Pearl Harbor (Hawaii). When Japan lost the war in 1945, Korea was also lost. According to WEDDINGINFASHION, the country had been a Japanese colony since 1910. Lee Myung Bak’s family […]

Conflict over Korea 2

Storm over Korea Part III

In 1980, Kim Il Sung presented a program to establish the Democratic Confederate Republic of Koryo (Koryo was the name of the dynasty that ruled Korea 935–1392). It was to be an alliance-free state with two different systems and each a different government. In 1991, when both states became members of the UN, they agreed […]

Conflict over Korea 1

Storm over Korea Part II

The sunshine policy came in the shadow of the controversy over North Korea’s missile and nuclear program. Bush never spoke to Sunshine Presidents Kim Dae Jung and Roh Moo Hyun, who both died in 2009, Roh on his own after a corruption scandal. 3: Storm from several edges All two years before, in 2007, the […]

Refugees during the Korean War

Storm over Korea Part I

On March 26, 2010, the naval vessel “Cheonan” suddenly sank near the informal sea border between North and South Korea. 46 South Korean soldiers followed in the depths. South Korean President Lee Myung Bak has set up an international commission of inquiry. It determined that the ship had been sunk by a North Korean torpedo. […]

India Election 2014 2

India Election 2014 Part II

5: An overwhelming victory The victory for BJP and Modi was overwhelming. The BJP won more than half of the seats in parliament, and 31 percent of the votes nationwide. Despite the fact that the party in many constituencies did not stand for election due to the alliance with other parties. In many of the […]

India Election 2014 1

India Election 2014 Part I

In May 2014, there were elections in India, the world’s largest democracy . Of about 834 million eligible voters, 554 million (66 percent) voted for who should sit in parliament and who should become prime minister. There was only one clear prime ministerial candidate: the highly controversial politician Narendra Modi of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya […]

President Xi Jinping has given Chinese football a kick

China and Football Part I

In the 18th century, China was a great power – measured both by population and cultural and economic weight. Industrialization in Europe and the subsequent colonization contributed to China’s “lost century” between approx. 1850 and approx. 1950. Today, China has a population of 1.35 billion and has enjoyed formidable economic growth since the 1980s. China […]

The 2008 Olympics were a success for China

China and Football Part II

6: Big changes in a short time To speed up football in China, a number of concrete measures have been proposed : establishing 0.5–0.7 football pitches per 10,000 inhabitants, each local community must have at least two football pitches open to all, doubling the number of football referees and establishing amateur leagues in 100 Chinese […]

China - Growth at Any Cost 3

China – Growth at Any Cost? Part III

Fortunately, it may seem that something is about to happen. In the Chinese media, there is great openness about environmental problems in general and environmental scandals that, when acute discharges kill large amounts of fish and other life. Information about 459 cancer villages in China with a large frequency of cancer cases is something that […]

China - Growth at Any Cost 2

China – Growth at Any Cost? Part II

People who live where it is dense with tiny particles have a greater tendency than others to develop COPD, a serious lung disease. Excess mortality has been demonstrated both during periods of particularly strong air pollution and as a result of long-term pollution. Using such results, a larger study (for the World Bank, 2007) concluded […]