22 Shoes Perfect for Taking Any Look of Sameness

Have you noticed how the idea of fashion is very attached to clothing? Because, as well as beautiful dresses and skirts, shoes can be items that turn their productions fashionistas.

Finds it difficult to wear shoes as key parts of their productions?

Then check out our list of 22 shoes perfect for get their looks of sameness.

Has for all tastes from the most basic to the most footwear fashionistas like oxfords and of course not forgetting the high heels.

1. Red Pumps

Have a pair of Red pumps in the closet is to have a safe to take even the most basic of the looks of sameness.

The pumps is a classic shoe that WINS more fashion interest in a stronger and more vibrant color like red.

2. metallic Oxford

One of the main trends among the shoes is the Oxford tratorada and soled version in metallic shades like gold or silver.

This shoe is perfect for adding a break looks more wholesome as more delicate dresses. Goes well also in looks with pants.

3. Sandal with studs

A shoe that works as a wildcard to give more weight to your look, your rocker footprint is able to take even the most basic of the productions of sameness.

Combine this sandal with jeans or even with a beautiful short dress. Care only for the weight of sandal don’t fight with the weight of the look.

4. White sneakers

The white sneakers entered the list of perfect shoes for a few seasons, and it looks like it won’t go out. That’s because, in addition to comfortable, this shoe combines very well with a variety of looks.

Can be used as a complement for dresses and shorts in summer as well as to give a break in looks with some formality.

5. Shoe bicolor

Is there any way contradict Coco Chanel? Yes, the designer in 1957 created this template that has the nude body (to lengthen the silhouette) and the black toe (to visually reduce the size of the foot).

The model is synonymous with elegance and can not miss one of your favorite models. Combines both with the formality of the Office as a more stripped-down look that you want to leave.

6. Platform

Before any thing, it is important to make it clear that this isn’t just any platform that should enter in the Gallery of the fashionistas.

For the weight, the platform adds to the look, be understated is interesting that you look for a model with a style more geared to the male universe as this photo model acuna.

Watch shoes you can’t walk.

7. short boots

The short boots come in to the Gallery of perfect shoes, they let their looks more interesting because they add weight and production because they combine with all kinds of clothes.

The most delicate can match the booties with short dresses and prints and those who prefer a more glam style can combine with pieces of leather or jeans.

8. Sandal paw stocking

Many women have the desire to wear chunky heels to look taller, but has difficulty staying with these shoes for a long time.

One way of trying to circumvent this drawback is choose heels that have half a paw, it is a mini platform added at the front of the shoe to provide more stability and comfort.

9. Tennis yacht

Not only jumps lives a closet full of shoes, an example of this is the tennis yacht for luxury brands versions won as the Dior.

The tip so that its looks, with this footwear, more feminine is to choose shoes that have some application or work of textures. So your look leaves the common place.

10. Shoes with differentiated design

Find models that are different is a way to transform your looks. A shoe that combines a model abotinado with cut-outs can contribute to any production stand out.

What is interesting in this type of footwear, is even taking that look out of the ordinary can be taken for social situations such as work without problems.

11. Sandal with tassels

The fringes are always coming in and out of the fashion circuit, keep in your closet a sandal with this accessory is a way of being ready to rock where the universe give free air country.

For the more discreet the tip is to combine the most basic clothes fringed sandal.

12. flat Sandal pompom

One of the most fun trends to the feet is the flat sandal with tassels. You can use this on several occasions, such as Sandals for a walk on the beach or enjoy a day in the city.

As this is a colourful sandal is interesting you don’t weigh in choosing the look.

13. Oxford bright

A shoe that is perfect for those who like to bring items of the male wardrobe for your productions.

The tip is that you can even buy an Oxford men if you want to leave their production even more interesting.

Combine this classic shoe with looks that also refer to the universe of men’s clothing as a blazer, for example.

14. Pumps with spikes

One of the shoes that caught attention in recent seasons has been a model of scapin with spikes created by designer Valentino. The model went on to win several versions of most popular brands.

You can also have a pumps with this look interesting and fashionista. Perfect for composing their looks that they are leaving the focal point.

15. Sneakers

The comfort doesn’t have to be dissociated from looks fashionistas, you may very well have a production full of style with flat shoes and you don’t shake your fingers.

The sneakers let visual, different looks, more stripped down and full of style. You can choose to stamped versions to give an air of fun your productions.

16. ethnic print Sandal

The ethnic prints add style to any production by itself, but when they are applied in beautiful sandals are yet more fashionistas.

Have a thick heel sandal with the application of the pattern is to have a Joker in your closet item. Looks great with jeans productions and also with dresses.

17. powerful black Sandal

A black sandal is an indispensable item in any woman’s closet, so that this sandal win perfect status you should invest in a powerful piece.

Usually sandals with a touch rocker meet this function. Take your productions to the common place with pieces that bring more sensuality to their looks.

18. caramel Sneaker

Maybe you’re wondering why a sneaker as basic color is on the list of perfect shoes and we explain.

Caramel color never goes out of style and can work very well with looks that have a proposal more fashionista and that stand out.

The idea is to have a shoe that is an ideal complement to more complex productions.

19. Anabela

One more item to our list of perfect shoes, the heel anabela is indicated for those who want to make a few centimetres, but without being uncomfortable.

Note that the string versions are the ones that always remain at high, you can create productions with a navy with a touch anabela model.

20. nude Pumps

A shoe that will add a lot more sexiness your productions and still helps to lengthen the line of your legs leaving you taller visually.

A sure bet to leave their looks more fashionistas. This pumps is a Joker, but remember every skin tone has your own tom nude.

21. Shoe fun

Who likes to play with fashion will love the proposal to use shoes with perfect touch fun. One of the themes that are more in high among the fashionistas in this regard are kittens.

Betting on a shoe that can help you don’t worry so much about the choice of clothes since they can complement a basic look.

22. Slipper is one of the perfect shoes to get your look of sameness

The slipper is a type of shoe that came from the male wardrobe, shoes worn with pajamas.

However, make sure that the last thing he will give productions is sleep. You can bet on models with prints fashionistas as these animal print (pictured above).