3.12 Telegram Takes Borrowed Several WhatsApp Features: Editor of Masks, GIF, Emojis…

In its early days Telegram had few or no qualms in making a nearly perfect copy of WhatsApp with some twist. After the initial push and the relative passivity of WhatsApp to include improvements, the apprentice seemed to have passed the master and arguably that was WhatsApp which was more inspired by Telegram, and not the other way around.

Not in vain, in 2014, Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram published an article in Medium called the best way to predict WhatsApp features. I’ll save the reading, which on the other hand is quite interesting because it made predictions that you can check if is cumpieron or not, but the main idea was that WhatsApp couldn’t stop copying -late, that if – what is proved that it worked in Telegram.

Let us return to the present and to version 3.12 from Telegram and after enumerate you certain innovations that have some other leaves vu with the news that we have seen these last days in WhatsApp: photo with masks and emojis Editor, GIF creation with the camera, the emojis of iOS 10 and the “giant” emojis, as well as an easier download stickers.

Have the tables changed?

2016 is the year in which have due of increasing the power of coffee for WhatsApp developers, and is that once application that hardly changed year after year has included the some interesting changes and a faster speed to which we were accustomed. Is still slow, that Yes, but less.

We were not accustomed to WhatsApp had things that were not in Telegram (the most notable today are still calls), but as Pavel Durov boys enjoyed of their summer vacation, WhatsApp added emoji giants, a photo editor with masks, videos that are converted into GIF, emojis of iOS 10 and selfies with “flash” in the front Chamber.

Someone in Telegram have because you these changes appear good idea, and if we exclude the new download of simple fashion stickers, the rest of what’s new with Telegram 3.12 are all recently included in WhatsApp features.

Masks in photos

Telegram already had a rather interesting photo editor with the possibility to modify brightness, contrast, color, add vignettes and blurs, but the latest rename it to Editor 2.0 and includes masks. The masks do not apply on your face in real-time as in other applications, but yes are positioned automatically through the use of facial recognition and metadata technologies. I’m not going to lie, it works very well.

The idea seems inspired by WhatsApp, although not much less is something original of this application and could be that you simply have coincided in time that both applications included it. In any case, the Telegram implementation is much more complete. There are a lot of masks more, they position themselves automatically, the pencil has three different strokes and can be send new masks using the @stickers bot.

Videos GIF

Telegram has one of the best integrations GIF animated messaging (via GIPHY) applications, but when it comes to creating your own GIF didn’t pay much of his part. Version 3.12 borrows the idea of WhatsApp to allow you creating GIF from video clips.

Works in a similar way in WhatsApp. First record a video from the application itself, and in the window before shipment touching the button of Silence to send the video as animated GIF. In this case do not have time limit as in WhatsApp.


In the emoji will also have some leaves WhatsApp vu, especially when you send one single since they adapt their size just as in this application. If you send one, is “very large”, and size will be reduced if you send two, three or four, where already adopt the normal size.

WhatsApp left, Telegram to the right

The own emojis itself also have been updated to how it look in 10 iOS, which should not be too surprising that evolution was “logical” for keep the same design on different platforms where does the app work.

As in the case of WhatsApp, this change means farewell to stir that it becomes a water gun, the Rainbow flag and other more subtle changes especially visible in the “realistic” design emoji.

Download stickers

We already knew the trending of Telegram stickers, but they were somewhat hidden. Version 3.12 includes them in own bar stickers, without passing through the options. This new tab allows you to preview the fashion stickers and install them quickly and easily.

Who copies who? It gives me

As a lover of technology I appreciate and I appreciate the innovation, but at the same time as a user of this same technology selfishly all I want is to have what I am interested in applications that interest me, importing me little or nothing if the idea is original or recycled. Has the moral support that generated the idea, but when it comes to the truth I’ll use what seems more convenient to me even if it is a rehash.

Specifically in the case of WhatsApp and Telegram, the truth is that both applications are very similar from the beginning, so It is inevitable that one is inspired by the other, and vice versa. They will continue competing to create something original and recorded the minidot, while they adopt what they created “the other” to not be outdone. In this arms race who’s gain is the end user.