3.14 Telegram Includes Its Own Instant Articles, Blog Platform, and More

The latest update of Telegram was in early October, and if we have learnt anything at this time is that when they are so silent time is because they are planning something big. In the last version were the mini-games, HTML5, and 3.14 update includes a lot of improvements and many of them exclusive to Android.

Among the new features is the Snapshot, the Instant of Telegram, a platform for writing Articles blogs, improvements in the Search last message, a selection of stickers faster, information of groups in common contacts, some screens with an improved interface and other news.

Instant Articles reach Telegram

While it is necessary to prepare your blog and almost ask permission from the City Council to publish Instant Articles on Facebook, Telegram includes a virtually identical function, here called snapshot view without any additional configuration. The idea is the same, when you access a link to a site in Telegram, instead of having to go to the web (Chrome Custom Tabs, or not) opens instantly in an application with an own viewfinder.

For now this quick preview is available in a few websites, but it will be expanded in the future until it is the norm and not the exception.

Telegram creates their own blogging platform

Telegram has launched its own blog platform WordPress.com or Medium.com-style but much more minimalist, called Telegra.ph. If you follow the link you’ll see that nothing there except a form where you can write the title and start writing there is basically. You can use it both from your mobile browser on the web.

It is very easy to write because there is just no distraction and you don’t need to create any account or anything like it. Once you’ve finished, you get a link that you can share in Telegram so that it is clear, are available in the Quick view.

Search by date

One of the advantages of the Telegram is the use of the cloud to store all your history of conversations, pictures and videos of all your conversations. After months or years using it, perhaps not always you can find the message you are looking for. Now have a little help, a calendar to filter messages from a specific date.

To use the calendar should start the search from within a chat (does not work if you use the general search in the chat list). He then touches on the new icon on the calendar, available at the bottom of the window.

See package of stickers from recent

The recent stickers tab mix all the latest stickers you used, so you can put them to use quickly. It is now possible to also use them to gain access to its package of stickers, although it must be recognized that in Android is a bit complicated, free 3D Touch. You must make a long press and then to keep your finger on it, open the drop-down menu.

Groups in common

This person sounds of something? Perhaps you’ve seen it in any group of Telegram before… but in what? No problem, the only thing you have to do is open your user profile in Telegram, where now appears a new paragraph listing the groups of which both are members.

Small changes in Android

In the latest updates of Telegram, there was always a couple of unique things about iOS, which as discussed in Telegram has angered more than one. To fix it they say jokingly dismissing the developer of iOS who both worked, but the truth is that to compensate Telegram 3.14 includes several exclusive changes to Android.

  • New interface to create users and select users in privacy options
  • New interface for the notifications options
  • Better security in protecting chats with a code
  • More fast camera to take pictures and videos
  • Best video compression
  • New image viewer
  • It is easier to add comments to images before sending them

You can obtain the latest version of Telegram and enjoy these improvements in Google Play, where it is already available.

Telegramvaria according to the device

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