3.15 Telegram Adds Chats Favorites, TWITTERFEED, Player’s Floating YouTube Integration and More

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging application out, not so much by the gross number of users but by the quantity and quality of the added options that includes and the proper functioning of your messaging in the cloud. Part of its success is due to the constant updates adding a detail here and there to make it even better.

Update 3.15 is no exception and is especially full of novelties in Android. Thus, you will find the possibility of fix favorite chats so that always show up, the integration with TWITTERFEED, a best Photo Editor, Player of floating YouTube video and forwarding messages to secret Chats.

Fix favorite chats

Telegram, and the vast majority of messaging applications, ordered the recent talks according to the date of the last message sent or received. It makes enough sense, but if you talk to many people at the same time this could plunge into the depths of chats that you consider most important. The solution that most applications have chosen are the favorite contacts, but in Telegram have preferred to highlight the fixed chats, It is the same, but different.

The operation is very simple. After you press long in any of the chats, you should choose the option of Anchor so that it always displays above all. You can anchor up to five different conversations. If you change your mind, make a long press and choose Unpin.

Integration with TWITTERFEED

There is a new bot in the city, and often bot. The integration with TWITTERFEED provides connectivity with the 360 services included in this set, including Twitter, Instagram, and lots more. The possibilities are almost endless but it all starts by opening a chat with TWITTERFEED (@IFTTT) bot and pressing Start.

Then you need to connect your Telegram account, visit this website after logged into TWITTERFEED. You can perform this step both Android and PC, if you have the installed Telegram Desktop.

Once connected both services will be you who decide what to do with so much power. Some examples: share your photos of Instagram chat, notify you by Telegram from your new emails, publish your mentions of Twitter in Telegram and a long, long list. To use it on channels first you must add the bot TWITTERFEED to the channel and start it. In the own TWITTERFEED already have several recipes (or Applets, as it is called now) ready to use.

Accurate rotation

When you send an image to a chat you could rotate it 90 degrees in either direction, but not in a precise way. The rotation of images now works as the Instagram, with a Slipper in which you can turn with total precision until the horizon is horizontal.

YouTube Player

Enhanced Youtube player had already a long in iOS and finally also extends to Android. From now on, links to YouTube videos open and reproduce very easily, with the possibility of opening them in one floating window that it keeps playing even if you change your application, similar to what we saw on Facebook a few days ago.

Finally, easy Telegram forward secret messages to Chat. To be secrets, it is normal that messages not be forwarded from them, there is no problem in forward to them, but the option wasn’t enabled so far.

Telegramvaria according to the device

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