Do not miss this on Lanzarote

5 Must in Lanzarote

Root millions of tourists who agree that Lanzarote is a wonderfully beautiful island with unique houses, fabulous beaches and majestic volcanoes, the island is still not as exploited as Tenerife or Gran Canaria. The small scale that prevails here has been well preserved and so far tourists and visitors have not managed to ruin its charm. Of course there are tourist resorts such as Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise, but overall it is a calm and harmonious island that continues to be mixed with the grandeur of Africa and the genuine charm of Spain. Here are the 5 musts for a time on Lanzarote.

Visit Janubio Beach

At Janubio beach, black lava interspersed with saltwater basins is some distance away. The beach has come to be called “the black beach” and is very powerful to look at. It is not suitable for swimming due to high waves and underwater currents, but surfers are sometimes here and many yoga practitioners who want some peace and quiet. The Janubio beach is sometimes reminiscent of a place in Hawaii and that is also the name given to the island – Europe’s Hawaii.

Stroll in La Geria – the vineyard, and on to Timanfaya

Between valleys and volcanoes with lava that snoozes downwards, the grapes grow and are harvested in long rows on the vineyard La Geria. These will then turn into wine. The semicircular pits form small oases in the barren and rocky desert and behind rises the mighty volcano Timanfaya, whose craters are just waiting to get angry again. This whole area is also a national park where you can take a tour by bus and check out the Mars landscape up close, grill chicken or fry eggs on the cliffs or ride camels.

Discover Cesar Manrique

According to ebizdir, Cesar Manrique is Lanzarote’s pride, at least one of them. Manrique is a famous artist who has designed the houses on the island in a special way with white bricks and green-blue doors and window frames. He has also been on a corner to inspire the construction of the tourist resorts so as not to give them that typical, ugly look you see elsewhere.
In the town of Puerto del Carmen you can regularly take part in his exhibitions, but his museum in Haria also attracts tourists from near and far. In Costa Teguise, the other tourist resort, there is also the Fundación Cesar Manrique which is another attraction to explore. If art is close to your heart and you want to discover the island’s inner style, then you should be among Cesar Manrique’s works.

Dive into the Museo Atlantico

The famous underwater museum Museo Atlantico is a spooky gold mine at the bottom of the sea. Here time has stopped and when you dive, your thoughts turn to a big movie like Pirates of the Caribbean and its underwater scenes. A series of statues, depicted by famous people together with corals and fish form the backbone of the experiences and it has been erected to preserve the marine natural world. 12 meters underwater at Playa Blanca is this underwater phenomenon that is just a must for every visitor to the island.

See the story palace Lag-O-Mar

Another masterpiece by Cesar Manrique is this magnificent cliff, in which a palace with tunnels, pools, fountains, etc. has been created and where you can rent luxury apartments. One of the houses was once home to actor Omar Sharif for a day before he lost it in card games, according to rumors. In Lag-o-Mar you can take a break in the café or in the bar and look at the view. Many are the fashion photographers who photographed models here and many also get married in Lag-o-Mar.

Do not miss this on Lanzarote