5 musts in Vathi

5 Must in Vathi

Vathi is full of cute little alleys, cafes, shops and attractions that you can read about in this article. If you have gone to Vathi, it is probably sun, swimming and relaxation you want to indulge in and then you can write up some valuable information about some musts that should be checked off during a stay here. The idea is to come home rested and as a new person and to get there you may need some inspiration from this Greek gem.

Stroll up Ano Vathi

As in most other cities, there is an old town preserved that has that little extra charm. In Vathi, it is Ano Vathi who is responsible for this and since it is steep with narrow alleys, you can also get the feeling of getting some exercise. The district is located up the hillside behind the center of Vathi and here are lots of bakeries selling Greek pastries, medieval arches that look hundreds of years old and locals’ houses in Venetian style. If you want to meet Greeks, you should go up here.

Vathi Wine Museum

As some wine is produced on Samos, you can take the opportunity to go to the Wine Museum in Vathi where you can also taste if you want. The Wine Museum is located just before the entrance to Vathi and has both light, light and dark strong wines. According to searchforpublicschools, they are known to be cheap but still maintain a good standard. Look at the huge barrels where the wine has been preserved and listen to the story by booking a guide. The wine museum is small but has a very cozy atmosphere. By all means do not forget to buy with several bottles as they are available for a spitting thief.

Eupalino’s tunnel in the mountain Kastri

If you are not claustrophobic, a visit to the very narrow and low tunnel Eupalino’s tunnel is recommended. This tunnel was dug by hand in the 600s BC. to lead the water into the city of Samos or Vathi. The tunnel is located west of the nearby town of Pythagoreion and today it is a sight that just has to be seen. The entire tunnel is about 1,040 meters long and you can enter here with a guide. You can choose how far to go. Most usually stop at about 100 m while other daring types continue a good distance in. A scary experience but very interesting.

Visit the Archaeological Museum

If you want to boost your knowledge a bit and take a trip to a museum to look at the history of Samos, you should go to the Archaeological Museum and look at finds from times gone by. Check out Samos Kouros, which is the main exhibition. The museum has two separate buildings with exhibitions in each and is a popular attraction in Vathi. Admission costs 3 euros per person.

Hike in the Nightingale Valley

Does this sound like a fairy tale by Astrid Lindgren? It’s not, but the place is captivating. Many who go to Samos want to walk in the surroundings and not so far from Vathi is Näktergalsdalen which with its name gossips about all the nightingales that you can hear and see here. The valley is located at the mountain village of Manolatos and when you go up you are met by cooling watercourses, greenery and lots of bird species. Bring a picnic and make a full day here. Do not forget to pick home with wild figs.

5 musts in Vathi