6.0 Android Comes to LG G4 in South Korea, Preparing for Its International Popularization

LG has not tended to emphasize by its speed when updating your Smartphone software, but in recent weeks it is making visible efforts to change that perception we have of them, possibly in the face at the premiere of its new mobile the coming year. That is seen in that is bent on putting your G4 be Medal one of the first to receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

In mid-October, LG announced that it would begin to upgrade their G4 to the latest version of Android in Poland as a test, and in fact the ROM finished filtering a few days ago. It seems that the Polish test has been satisfactory, because in the last few hours update has begun you to also reach the users of South Korea.

Vice President and head of marketing communications from LG Chris Yie already said a week before Poland tests that its objective was to launch Android 6.0 on the G4 before any of its competitors, and it seems that you can get ahead of other large manufacturers. Even rumored with that could also the G3 until end of the year.

It remains to be seen whether LG meets expectations, because to so would begin to improve its image in the face of software updates of their devices. This could be somewhat interesting to face the next G5 is a little more attractive to those who are attached to these things. What do you you think?