7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Nalgene Water Bottle

Today we want to tell you a few things that perhaps you didn’t know yourNalgene water bottle. Curiosities about their manufacturing, their origins and even cleaning.

Our green bottle is committed to the environment and your health. Now transporthint will discover the 7 things that perhaps you didn’t know your favorite water bottle.

1 Nalgene Began In The 1940s

The chemist Emanuel Goldberg developed a plastic pipette jars in Rochester, New York, and realized that was what I wanted to continue for a long time, so he founded the company Nalge Company.

2 Where Does The Name Of Nalgene?

The story is as simple as romantic: Emanuel Goldberg decided to take the initials of his spouse, Natalie Goldberg Levey and thus pay a well deserved tribute.

3. Of Bottles Laboratory Bottles For Outdoor

When Nalgene jumped to design water bottles to go outdoors? When, in the 1960s, scientists themselves took his Nalgene bottles in their trips to the mountain because they suffered not from spills and were much lighter thanwater bottles of other brands.

4 Nalgene Already Was Born As An Ecological And Sustainable Bottle

And in the 70’s was when came the awareness of recycling and sustainability, especially in natural environments. Then Nalgene was stuck in the world of hiking and outdoor adventures. It was then when born Nalgene Outdoor.

5 Nalgene Is Not A Bottle Only For Water

OK, maybe this already know it, but you can place your Nalgene Bottle thedrink that you want. Especially interesting if you have one of the bottles to children, since sometimes they want juice, milk or a smoothie. Just a good wash by hand with warm soapy water so that all traces of the previous flavor disappears and will be able to drink water without noticing anything.

6. Decorate Your Nalgene Bottle Prints You A Unique And Exclusive Character

It is a trend that takes much time among the followers of Nalgene. There are who prefer to have their designs-free bottle and who puts all the stickers of the world. You decide how to do it, but above all, decorate it outside and waterproof materials!

7 It Is An Easy-To-Wash Bottle

In addition to not feel smell or strange flavors, Nalgene water bottles are very easy to maintain and clean. We know that you’ll use very often, so you have three ways to clean it: by hand, in the dishwasher or with official Nalgene cleaning pads. And every day it will be as a new list for your next adventure. You remember our post on How to maintain a Nalgene water bottle?

Choose Your Nalgene Bottle

And now that no secret about Nalgene bottles, do not you miss again chooses which goes with you, which will accompany you in your day to day, at work, in class, at the gym and on your adventures in the air free.