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United States Cities Beginning with Letter L

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Below please find the alphabetical list of U.S. cities that start with letter L. You may notice that some cities share exactly the same name but located within different states. For detail, please click on the link below to see zip codes of each city beginning with L.

Long Beach (United States)

Long Beach. It's a great city coastal and port in the south of California in the United States.


It was founded in 1897, it is a city of Los Angeles County in the US state of California. In 2009 it had a population of 492,682 residents and a population density of 3,772.45 people per km ˛. The city is home to a national airport and the largest industrial seaport in the Los Angeles region.

Its street circuit is one of the most recognized of its kind worldwide. The Long Beach Unified School District operates public schools. In some parts, the ABC Unified School District operates public schools. This city was the one who was born and was the original headquarters of the very important international beauty contest: Miss Universe, as it carried out several editions from its creation in 1952 to 1959.


It is situated on the very southeastern edge of Los Angeles County, bordering the city of Los Angeles and Orange County, in a region known as the Gateway Cities. It is recognized as one of the cities with the greatest cultural diversity in America. It has a large percentage of Latinos and whites (non-Hispanic), as well as very large percentages of blacks (non-Hispanic) and Asians. As a whole, it tends to have a greater East Coast / Midwest environment, compared to the rest of the California coast cities, so people in those regions of the country they can be found a little more at home in Long Beach. It has a fairly large population, with a higher density rate than the Los Angeles area. Thus, like other large cities, it encompasses everything such as large industrial areas, distressed neighborhoods, quiet middle-class communities, and exclusive neighborhoods.

Economy and development

Long Beach has some good gathering people amenities and genuine tourist attractions, like a world-class aquarium and the Queen Mary Museum / Floating Hotel. Special events are also held in the city such as the Grand Prix Annual Long Beach (a major racing event held in streets of the city) and the annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride. Compared to other areas like Hollywood, West Hollywood, Santa Monica and West Los Angeles, it may not always be on top of someone's sightseeing for the Los Angeles area, but it attracts a fair amount of visitors and has proven that it can definitely hold its own. Long Beach Airport (IATA: LGB) [2]: The rental cars are available for rent at the airport, which most likely will be needed in the south of California. Long Beach Yellow Cab + 1 -562 435-6111 is another option, rates approximate to downtown hotels $ 30-40 one-way. Long Beach City Bus Transit Route 111 (Broadway / Lakewood) connects the airport to downtown Long Beach and the Blue Line to the transit hubMall. It runs south to downtown (40 minute cab ride) from LGB about once every half hour and costs $ 1.25 [3]. To find the bus stop, follow the taxi signs, walk one block past the taxi line, and turn right. Be sure to ask if the bus goes downtown, as both the north and south Route 111 buses use this stop for an LGB bus.


According to the Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 170.6 km ˛ (65.9 sq mi), of which 130.6 square kilometers (50.4 sq mi) is land and 40.0 km˛ (15.4 sq mi) (23.42%) is water.


According to the Census Bureau in 2000 the median household income in the locality was $ 37,270, and the median family income was $ 40,002. The men had average income of $ 36.807 versus $ 31.975 for women. The per capita income for the town was $ 19,040. About 22.8% of the population were below the poverty line.3


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