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United States Cities Beginning with Letter P

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Below please find the alphabetical list of U.S. cities that start with letter P. You may notice that some cities share exactly the same name but located within different states. For detail, please click on the link below to see zip codes of each city beginning with P.

Palm Beach (Florida)

Palm Beach. City with the highest per capita income in the country and a traditional stronghold of millionaires, artists, athletes and members of the nobility. Located in the State of Florida famous for its beaches and tourism, being one of the most popular.


In 1894, West Palm Beach was integrated, becoming the oldest municipality in the County. In 1889, a large voter turnout forced Dade County, which included Palm Beach County at the time, to change its center of government from Miami to Juno where it remained until 1899. THE "Oakbrook Square Shopping Center" It was built on the site of Juno's former Courthouse.

Palm Beach County was drawn from Dade County in 1909. Becoming Florida's 47th county. The first county government meetings took place in a four-room old school house located at the corners of Clematis Street and Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach. About 5,300 people lived in the new county, which was made up of sections of what are now Broward, Martin and Okeechobee Counties.

The Jupiter and Lake Worth Celestial Railroad, and later the Florida East Coast Railroad, began their journey to and within the County in the late 1880s.

In 1905, Joseph Sakai started the Yamato Colony today known as Boca Raton. Sakai lured fellow Japanese to the area with the promise of land to farm. A Japanese immigrant who prospered as a farmer after following Sakai was George Morikami. In reward for his success and the County's invitation, Morikami donated his home and part of his land to the County for the construction of a museum and park.

Geographic location

The Palm Beach County boundary area incorporated all of Lake Okeechobee, until 1963 when the State of Florida divided the lake among all neighboring counties. Located at coordinates 26 ° 41′9 N ° 80′2. It has a total area of 28.74 kmē, of which 10.82 kmē correspond to the mainland and (62.33%) 17.91 kmē is water.


Population of 8,532 residents according to the 2012 census residing in Palm Beach. The population density was 290.51 residents / kmē. Of the 8,532 residents, Palm Beach was made up of 97.44% white, 0.63% were African-American, 0.02% were Amerindians, 1.04% were Asian, and 0% were Pacific Islanders.

Of the total population, 3.92% were Hispanics or [Latinos of any race. The per capita income for the city was $ 109,219. The population density is 2,669.2 residents per square mile (1,031.1 / km2). There are 9,948 housing units at an average density of 2,536.6 per square mile (979.8 / km2). 7.7% of the households had children under the age of 18 who lived with them, 48.1% were married couples living together, 3.3% had a female head of the household without the presence of the husband, and 47.8% were non-families. 42.6% of all households were made up of individuals and 27.6% have an elderly person 65 years of age or older. The mean household size was 1.81 and the mean family size is 2.38.

Economic development

Palm Beach County's big three billion dollar industries are tourism, construction, and agriculture. There are many high-tech industries that contribute to the growing economy.

Palm Beach County, more than 60,000 people work in the tourism industry, is the only county in Florida that received the “AAA” recognition in interconnections in the evaluation carried out by three rating agencies.

The western territory of the County is known for its agricultural lands that produce nearly 11 percent of the sugar in the United States.

Air Transport

Palm Beach International Airport, known as Morrison Field, began operations in 1936. Ramp 24 at Palm Beach International Airport opened in October, 1988.

Social development


The Palm Beach County School District operates the public schools. There are two private schools in town, “Palm Beach Day Academy”, and “Rosarian Academy”, a Catholic school.

It has numerous colleges in the area that offer a broad spectrum in higher education. Today, more than 28 percent of Palm Beach County's adult population is college-educated.

Palm Beach Atlantic University offers four years of study in the humanities in a Christian atmosphere. The University of Northwood specializes in business and management careers. We have other colleges in the area such as "Barry University", "Lynn University", "College of Palm Beaches", and "Nova University". The Palm Beach County Library System manages the public libraries.


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