Adorned with the Boots Band Trend Here!

Spotted: on the catwalks of the world, a new fashion trend has crept in. And more and more trend-setters in the streets of New York, Paris’ and Milan’s access to leather straps with buckle a belt resembling a miniature version. These are easily bound around the shaft of the boot and has created a whole new look!
So you can own the old treads from the penultimate season again brings to life and will be a stylish eye catcher!

There are boots belts now from renowned brands such as for example the Italian brand sognato, which means about as much as “dream”. And sognato boots strips high quality real leather are a true dream. There are the wide range of variants. With sparkling Rhinestones, cool studs in various shapes or braided look. So every fashion style of the boots can be used by elegant about casual to the hippie look can be experimented at your whim!

It is also couldn’t care less what kind should be beefed up by boots. According to, dainty ankle boots can be sparkling boots belts in the blink of an eye to the ultimate shoes for long party nights. Rounded boots are excellent to transform itself to casual cowboy boots with fringes and braided leather. And lace Overknees, which already have sexy look, but a black boots strap with rivets that certain something!

Thanks to this new trend, the fashion world is not only revolutionized, but spared even our wallets. Because the beautiful boots belts are often much less expensive than some new boots.
And another advantage: because a few pairs of shoe leather belts are diverse ConverTable, our Shoe cabinet can breathe up even once. Boots belts are namely probably always save more space than boots. But beware: There is another addictive! We are committed at least almost as true boots band junkies!