After Pressure, Apple Relents: Artists Will be Paid During the Same Period Tasting Music

The Apple Music, which will cost $ 4.99 per month in Brazil, has a period of tasting three months. During the trial, as Apple does not receive anything from the users, there is a return to the music artists. To make up for all this time without payment, the company would transfer 71.5% of the signatures to the record labels – outside the US, the percentage rises to 73%.


Even if the value is higher than the passed by Spotify (about 70%), not compensate the artists, especially independent, offer their music “for free” for three months. That is exactly what the artist Taylor Swift asked on Sunday (21) in a letter opened to Apple, “is [an attitude] shocking, confusing and strange to this generous company and historically progressive.”

Swift also commented that the music industry is not “asking iPhones for free,” therefore should not require the artists to offer music without compensation. Even in the letter, the artist said he was not speaking only for her, but on behalf of several artists, writers and producers of their social circle who are afraid to face Apple publicly respect and admiration.

On the same day, Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Internet and services, attended the request of Taylor Swift and will change the payment policy of the Apple Music. Now, the service will pay artists for streaming even during the tasting period of three months.


– EDDY CUE (@CUE) JUNE 22, 2015

The percentage of subscription amount of transfer, however, will remain the same. Without a free version with ads, as does Spotify, it is more advantageous for artists prefer the Apple Music. No wonder that the very Taylor Swift, who withdrew his Spotify’s collection a few months ago and would not offer his new album “1989” in the service of Apple, said he was “relieved”.

Apple’s streaming service is scheduled to be released in more than 100 countries, including Brazil, on 30 June. Who has iOS devices, OS X or Windows can use it right away. A version for Android comes to the end of the year.