Allo Reach Version 5.0 without Penalty or Glory, Although Forward Us a Very Curious Function

Do you remember Allo, this messaging application that takes so many months with us as contacts you have in your list? (four). Given that Google seems convinced that it is the future of communication, we should expect a great evolution in these four months and five versions updates, isn’t it?. Not really.

Allo 5.0 is already updated in Google Play and perhaps the arrival of the larger version do you open it to see what has changed. Leave it to save you the trouble: the only thing new is the compatibility with Chrome Custom Tabs, but their APK reveals that it has some trick saved in the manga for later, and lack makes it, as it is in the post 71 Communication on Google Play category, behind applications like Update for WhatsApp or Glitter Emoji Keyboard.

Thus evolved my contacts

Taking advantage of the Allo update I’ve decided to see how my list of contacts in the application has evolved since it was launched there by September. At the end, not everyone has to be an early adopter and is likely that someone has been installed it on their own in these months.

Said and done, is reopen Allo, playing on the floating button to begin a conversation and find me with the same names I had four months ago and a unique novelty, which is not to be installed Allo, but it appears as a contact technology preview of application messages.

I can not take my case as an indication of the success or otherwise of the expansion of the application, then perhaps somewhere in the world there will be a community of users that use Allo at all hours. The truth is that we don’t have a reliable monthly active users of Allo figure, so we must confirm with the incorrect number of downloads, which is now in the strip of the 10 to 50 million (did the 5 million the week of release).

For the future… stickers with your face

It could be deducted from the above Allo has failed to capture the attention as much as he would have liked, and Google is already working on a new trick to give a small coup… generated from your face stickers. This function is not active today, they detected by Android Police after dissect the APK Allo 5.0.

In the future, your face could be here

There are several text strings that refer to the new stickers generated from an image of your face, but the most unequivocal is undoubtedly the next:

Become a selfie and we can automagically generate a pack of stickers like you. For best results, keep a neutral expression.

Other strings reveal that it will be possible customize the result If you are not satisfied with the “automagica” generation and that you can also send comments to Google about how the process has been and if you are satisfied with the result.

The generation of stickers of your face is one of those things that you want or don’t try, so it seems a successful Google attempt to achieve attract some attention in your messaging application.