Allo Will Soon Have Plenty of Issues to Give More Life to The Chat

Last Google Messaging application takes more than one month between us and to celebrate the company took her to version 2.0 including eleven changes of greater or lesser relevance. We now know that he had other secrets inside, even though they are not yet activated.

It is the case of the topics, themes, color schemes, wallpaper or as you call it. Allo now shows you the conversations in a grey background with decorations inspired by the wizard and bubbles of purple and blue, but that will soon change when you can use the themes. Allo includes a lot, to each which more colorful.

Monochrome, we go to supercolorido

In the latest update of Allo we saw that I was introduced a new option called monochrome in the options of the application. To activate it, the talks were indeed in black and white, with dark chat bubbles and a plain gray background.

The topics may Choose separately for chat, from each contact options. Equal to that you can also choose a different subject of notification, you can change the theme from this same window.

The themes have name curious as watermelon, moon, clouds, Sorbet and follow the same design as the rest of the application: flat design, colors pulling to garish and basically a little bit of everything. Each theme features an image of Fund which applies to the chat and a color scheme for text and information is presented on the screen.

Apparently this configuration applies to the conversation, which is to say that both parties use the same theme. Here is where the previous option for chat monochrome, and it is that if you are chatting with someone who insists on using the theme of watermelon and you hate it, you can always opt for refitting everything in black and white and is finished.

The themes are in Allo 2.0 but they are not officially activated by Google, so we need to wait to happen to try them by ourselves. Meanwhile, you can try to convince some of your friends to use the application if you do not want to have to use them to talk to yourself.