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Andorra Resorts and Attractions

Andorra is one of the dwarf states of Europe. Has no access to the sea. Andorra is a principality located in the Eastern Pyrenees between France and Spain. According to smb, the name of the country comes from andurrial – wasteland. In the past, a closed principality, currently it thrives only thanks to tourism. The capital is Andorra la Vella. The language is Catalan, Spanish and French are used. Religion – Catholicism. Monetary unit – euro.

On the territory of Andorra there are many high mountains, which are separated by narrow valleys. The climate is temperate, with cold winters and cool summers. The average temperature is +9*C. Andorra has many mountain lakes of glacial origin.

For citizens of Russia, entry is visa-free, but there is no airport in Andorra capable of receiving medium-haul aircraft. Therefore, entry is carried out through the airports of Spain or France, and these countries require a visa.

Phones in Andorra:
Police – 110
Ambulance and pharmacies – 116
Mountain rescue service – 112
Taxi – 376 861005
Tourist information – 376 820214

Andorra offers numerous activities in winter and summer. In winter, this small country offers 5 superb ski resorts with 137 pistes for all skill levels and with the best service. The maximum height above sea level is 2,600 meters and the minimum is 1,500 meters. There are 200 km of ski runs and more than 30 km of cross-country ski runs.

After skiing, you can visit various sports and recreation centers, including the KALDEA complex with thermal waters, facilities for relaxation and wellness. It is located in Escaldes, a few minutes from the city center. At the end of the day you can visit the Temple of Maritchell (Santuario de Maritchell); House of the Valley, Romanesque churches, small mountain villages or popular museums: automobile, postal, Viladomat, etc.

At night, Andorra recommends enjoying typical Pyrenean cuisine in typical wood and stone houses that turn into great restaurants. After a good dinner, you can visit numerous cinemas, theaters, music bars, discos, karaoke, video, etc.

The cultural life of Andorra is very rich: an extensive musical program and exhibitions about Andorran handicrafts, ceramics, woolen fabrics and metal and wood products.

One of the main and traditional features of Andorra is cheap goods in more than 4,000 commercial centers that offer the best goods at great discounts, since all products are tax-free. In summer, this small country attracts with its nature and magnificent landscape, rich in fauna and flora. If you love sports and adventure, you can enjoy endless activities: horseback riding, mountain biking, golf, tennis, fishing, hiking, jeep tours, rock climbing, archery, etc.

If you want to relax, you can walk in the mountains, sunbathe or relax in the thermal water centers.

Resorts and attractions of Andorra

Andorra is the sunniest ski resort in Europe. There are 250 sunny days in a year. Ski season from December to April. There are over 1000 snow cannons. The main skiing areas are combined into two zones. To the east is Grand Valira, to the west is the Val Nord.
Andorra, comfortably located in the Pyrenees, attracts the attention of a huge number of tourists throughout the year, and from December to March it turns into one of the centers of European ski lovers.

Ski resort Val Nord – ideal conditions for teaching young children. Slopes with a northern disposition – a better and more stable snow cover of the slopes throughout the winter. In Arinsal there is a descent with a height difference of 1010 m.

In Pal-Arinsal there are zones for free-style, border cross, terrain park, half-pipe, FIS slalom stadium, off piste sectors, bumps zone.

In Ordino-Arcalis there are trails for extreme skiing. The latest technologies used in the region to maintain a constant level and quality of snow distinguish this ski area with impeccable slope preparation.

There is a snowpark, a boardercross, a half-pipe with springboards. Snowmobiles, snow bikes, snowshoe tours, dog sledding, paragliding and helicopter flights. Ordino Arcalis has the best kindergarten, and Pekepark snow park is considered the largest and best in the Pyrenees. There is an obstacle course for beginners near the park, as well as more than 20 cafes and restaurants.

Interesting facts about Andorra

After the incident with the beating of a citizen of San Marino in the capital of Andorra, European diplomats (in 2012) were surprised to find out that these two powers have been at war for 75 years, but no one knows about it. Under what circumstances the conflict began – has long been forgotten. This war did not have external manifestations – the countries do not border and do not have military equipment.

There are customs restrictions on the import of coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, perfumes and tobacco products, etc.

When choosing a hotel in Andorra, proximity to the ski lift and to infrastructure facilities is taken into account. If it is important for you that there are shops, bars, discos or swimming pools and gyms nearby, consult with the tour operator on this issue. The fact is that the peculiarities of the location of ski areas in Andorra are such that it is difficult to live under the mountain within walking distance from the ski lifts and at the same time visit a disco or a bar.

There are swimming pools and gyms in every resort, excursions are also available from any resort. Hotels in Andorra are divided into several groups (by location). Hotels located under the mountain near the ski lifts. Hotels located in the capital. Hotels located between the capital and ski areas.

Andorra Resorts