Android, Do Idyll or Nightmare?

Many who are avowed fans of Android have had discussions with contacts our defenders of other operating systems for various reasons, but the most difficult to focus problem and surely most headaches have had is the of the updating of terminals, What up to a humble servant has been discussed at several meetings of fellow.

Today our father Xataka publication has released an article on this theme, titling the two nightmares of the Android user, a relatively successful title, Since updates are one of the major headaches that takes us a long time in this publication.

However, and without detracting from my colleague, we are on Android, not iOS. One of the biggest benefits is to modify the terminal without a permission of Google or the company, but some make it difficult to do so, but is not the fault per is Android, which accuse Google of what their companies do is accuse the wrong person, although it is true that Google might try to motivate those who do well their work with Android.

This is Android, nothing else

And as this is Android, we can do one thing: change the ROM to your own liking. As a general rule, with a good tutorial you can update your terminal in little less than an hour provided that one is willing to sacrifice a little a bit of time to have your updated terminal. And it is with these cases that a server asks: If one can not sacrifice a couple of hours of your free time, would really want to update your terminal so desperately as it does to believe?

Will sound a little drastic my enunciation, but from personal experience I’ve been through this with the HTC Hero, a terminal that suffered more than half a year of delays to get Android 2.1 Ecclair for when it launched a server already available 2.3.4 Android Gingerbread and came even to 2.3.6, and not in an overly complicated way. This is the case of the second claim.

My colleague Javier says the fact of the planned obsolescence, a phenomenon that people are making more aware by the increase of articles on the subject on the net, but on the subject of computers (remember that smartphones and tablets are also computers) we have a problem: applications increasingly need more processor, more RAM and more requirements of possibilities to manage the data with your phone.

This is for the remediation of software that are not ported to old terminals. Power can be, even carry Ice Cream Sandwich in a G1 and HTC Hero, but forget that the hardware cannot be changed and new versions ask for more. As seen in the video linked there, the terminal is at a ridiculous speed which makes it unusable.

I.e., some terminals are not updated by companies because they don’t want to, that is clear, but these attempts to demonstrate that all terminal has a limit, and we are talking about terminals that came out in 2008 and 2009 respectively, have already spent more than two years since its release, it is a long time in the panorama of computers.

With this I want to make understand the approach that said, while it is not wrong, is not entirely correct, since you forgot to mind to the ROMs and the immense community that gives support to terminals already disused and allow the people that really want to upgrade to be able to do so and have best leads even to operators and manufacturers carry allowing Android a panorama that could be defined as multicultural.