Android Is Closer to One Million Daily Activations

Android once more shown as one of the preferred options when buying a smartphone and in some cases even of a tablet. So much so that according to official data of Google Android operating system to day October 3, 2011 can confirm that in the coming weeks, more specifically on December 6 at the latest, will be achieved one million new Terminal activated per day, an amount unimaginable when Android was launched.

Android is experiencing tremendous growth that no one could be expected with his departure a few years ago. You can see when in May 2010 they failed to reach 100,000 activations daily and in little more than one year it would multiply by ten that number, with a proportion of that one in 7,000 people worldwide active Android terminal every day.

Turning to the plane of the distribution of Android versions, we find ourselves with Honeycomb that fails to take off to meet only with the 1.8% the market of Android, a really small amount, in large part because many bajoo cost tablets carrying even Froyo and Gingerbread, and the low range have Honeycomb. Who still has a significant majority is 2.2 Froyo with more than 45%.

However 2.3 Gingerbread still picking up front with new terminals and upgrades of the relatively new terminals manages to win the second position with a market share of a 38.7%, a very significant amount even if you are unable to overcome the 2.2. However I get confuse the quota which maintains 2.1 Ecclair, possessing a 11.7% share, a fairly high to be so outdated version number.

At the moment every time there are more updated terminals to Gingerbread and we have a Honeycomb fails to get a good market share. This fails to solve one of the stigmata of Android that is the fragmentation of versions that many developers have criticized, although now allowing to upload a version of the .apk for Android version should be able to cope with is minimally