Android Is The Leader in Number of Downloading Applications

Two years ago Apple’s iOS platform was the Queen in all sectors in which it could compete an operating system for mobile phones, market share, number of applications, on profitability of an application, downloads of applications, number of payment apps and a host of variants that analysts are dedicated to get to show their superiority against its rivals.

But today Apple has lost another of its titles. If Android had overcome in world market share surpassing the very Apple in number of terminals worldwide-activated. It is now in the app store where Android is metaphorically eat the Apple. And is that the number of applications downloaded by Android terminals round the 29,000 million, beating Apple.

While Android users down is less number of applications on terminal, the large number of different terminals and its exponential growth they have allowed to overcome the company from Cupertino in one of their strong points, applications. Even Android too to exceed in number of applications ready to the public, and it is that the Market only has 300,000, less than the 500,000 that the App Store offers as you can see in the infographic that one of my classmates left exposed last night.

This gap is due to applications that are discontinued, the actual number of applications that have been sent to the Market, although even then the author removed them by X or by round and half a million published and expected that the amount of applications available to the public more than those of Apple’s App Store mid next year 2012.