Android Phones in Sales: Looking Back at Cyberport

Fit for Christmas business?
Since the beginning of this year, a promising, new platform for smartphones has been redefining the current market. Android-powered by Google-promised to be a soothing change between iPhones, Blackberrys, Symbian and Windows Mobile phones. But what has become of these goals, where is Android today in the distribution at Cyberport? In the following article, I would like to take a look at our experiences so far, and then look at the promising Christmas business.

Difficult start
Everything started with the T-Mobile G1, the first smartphone with Android. Also for me the first experience with the new platform. Even if it was not yet perfect, for me personally, Android could position itself from the spot between iPhone and Windows Mobile. But could we see this in our sales figures? Not necessarily, after a good start the sales flattened increasingly. It was indeed positive that this device despite T-Mobile branding without SIM-and Netlock came out, but this also led to the fact that it was mainly in the network to an overdistribution came, speak of the cake was not much for us left. The second device from the company Vodafone ( HTC Magic ) promised some detail improvements, even if it had to get along without a hardware keyboard. However, the extreme problem of overdistribution was an extreme short run-time at Cyberport, which meant that the sales figures were significantly lower in relation to the G1. Up to this point, it was not necessarily argue that phones with Android were a real sales guarantee for Cyberport.

Percentage comparison based on number of items at Cyberport.

But a positive change came with the third Android phone at Cyberport. The or the HTC Herocame out without branding, also with hardware and software one saw that HTC with the first two models accumulated enough experience to convert this into a good product. Even though the Hero has only been available for a few weeks now, it still holds 60% of the “Android market” at Cyberport, and the trend is obviously increasing since both the G1 and the Magic have not been available for a long time.

Percentage comparison on the basis of numbers at Cyberport-with iPhone.

But how are the previous Android smartphones with the rest of the Cyberport offer? Here one has to attest, that the mass of the other systems still stands as a wall against Android. Out of consideration before the “shame” I spare our readers a corresponding Tortendiagramm.However, I found it quite interesting to take the iPhone 3G (S) with in the comparison. In this situation you can see that even the iPhone, which we are allowed to distribute “offline” in our stores, pushed Android significantly backwards. The question now arises for Android: goal missed?

New hope
The launch of Android was anything but a surprise, but the systematic introduction at a neat pace, an entry into a traffic-calmed zone. Unfortunately, the industry failed to launch several new models at an early stage. It is just not enough to copy Apple with one or two models the hoped for success, despite all marketing expenses. Android has, in my opinion, only success with Cyberport and other merchants, if it thanks to a variety of hardware penetrates the potential market. Branded models are thereby rather hinderlich, free offers seeks the market.The actual success of Hero confirms this assumption. It is the hesitancy to throw off with new models for the coming Christmas business to be armed.

Outlook: Galaxy, Pulse and Tattoo
Fortunately we can look forward to a series of new models with Android. First of all, here is the Samsung Galaxy . Unfortunately, this model is currently available only at O2, the free version, which we also offer, has been shifted back again. For this reason, we expect probably with October with an availability. Just as a brand model, the T-Mobile Pulse comes on the market as a one-hour phone in October, we will probably offer it, but based on the experience so far, we do not expect a resounding success.

The rescue could come as before from HTC. The new model tattoo is already listed with us and is also expected in October. It is not bound to any Provider, also not branded and costs with 319 euro also not too much. For the coming Christmas business can be expected with a street price, also at Cyberport, of about 299 euros. Let’s hope that more models will reach our warehouse soon. It would be a pity to soon be able to establish that Android is a powerful platform, but failed in sales technology.