AnTuTu Updated Their Tests Because The Scores of Chipsets Intel Were “Inflated”

Not so long ago that we saw in benchmarks performed on Atom Z2580 platform Intel the enormous power of chipsets the hardware manufacturer most reputed, although it seems that amazing scores of Intel in AnTuTu were a test carried out in a way that is not entirely correct thing.

Intel had stripped in races to Qualcomm and Nvidia, Samsung, so the BDTI consulting started the work to investigate whether the comparison was made on equal terms, discovering that the test on the RAM was not fully, obtaining incorrect data and “artificially inflated” scores.

AnTuTu has recognized the error and It has already released the update so the evidence and comparative performance are carried out properly, now getting Intel chipsets a few scores around 20% lower than the previous.

Thus, Lenovo K900 happens to be second after the Samsung Galaxy S4, since Intel Atom Z2580 loses 20% of your score while the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa maintains that had.

In addition, AnTuTu has confirmed that next month they will introduce major changes in its tests to standardize them between architectures ARM and x 86, most reliable comparative resulting even between architectures.