Apple Watch: Battery Lasts 5 Hours, Manual Mode

Shortly before the official launch of the Apple Watch on Monday are numerous information on the smart watch into the Web surfaced -including to the battery life. Insiders that the battery of the watch at heavy usage will last five hours. With average use, the term should be approximately a day.

Skinny runtime:Apple Watch lasts not longer than a day

It is clear:even the Apple Watch will need like all other Smartwatches every night on the socket. That is probably true also when measured by Apple’s use scenario of maximum 10 seconds at a time.

A whole piece should last longer through the Apple Watch in eco mode. This can be activated manually at any time. Is this “power reserve mode” switched on, the display will Dim significantly and the communication with the coupled iPhone built only for user actions.

Power saving mode:Power reserve mode makes the watch stupid

Is still not sure whether all functions are available in power-save mode, or the Apple Watch displays only the time – Insider report two scenarios to test devices. The Smartwatch will be officially announced on Monday at 19:00 German time by Apple. You will see our first practice test here in the video.  (nh)