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A trip through Arizona takes you to one of the most exciting natural wonders in the United States: the famous Grand Canyon. But of course Arizona has a lot more to offer. In addition to the fascinating desert landscapes, there are also cities with exciting sights, such as the capital Phoenix and the second largest city Tucson. Around half of the entire Arizona population lives in the vibrant Greater Phoenix / Scottsdale / Mesa area. The Sonoran Desert stretches from here to the south to Tucson and across the Mexican border. The combination of magnificent landscapes and diverse cities is ideal for motor-home trips.

In the mountain regions north of Sedona there are impressive pine forests. Even further north towards Lake Powell, huge sandstone formations shape the landscape. In Saguaro National Park you will find the desert vegetation typical of Arizona with giant cacti and mesquite trees.

The absolute highlight of motorhome trips through Arizona is the Grand Canyon, a huge gorge that impressively shapes the landscape over a length of 450 km. On the southern edge, the Grand Canyon Village visitor center provides information about activities and excursion destinations around the region.

The striking gorge is made up of the Inner Canyon, the North Rim and the South Rim. Hike along the edges past numerous viewpoints that offer a panoramic view of the natural spectacle and impressive photo opportunities. Tours down into the canyon or scenic flights by plane or helicopter are particularly attractive.

The skywalk on the western edge of the gorge is another highlight of the national park: stroll over a platform with glass floor that extends far above the rim of the canyon and offers an unusual and exciting view.

Away from the natural wonders, Arizona attracts visitors with the desert city of Phoenix. After a drive through the barren countryside on cactus-lined streets, you should discover the zoo’s rich wildlife in the capital of Arizona or explore the various desert plants in the Desert Botanical Museum in nearby Scottsdale.

Travel tips and best travel time

Arizona can be visited easily all year round. The best time to travel is in spring or autumn with pleasantly warm temperatures. For example, Phoenix is ​​in the Valley of the Sun, one of the sunniest regions in the United States. In the winter months, the Arizona Snowball Sports Center near Flagstaff delights. At this time, the snow-covered rim of the canyon is also worth seeing. IMPORTANT: The time difference is nine hours in summer, but only eight in winter.

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The Grand Canyon is one of the most overwhelming natural wonders in the world and stretches for 446 kilometers.


Arizona’s exciting capital presents museums such as the Heard Museum and magnificent colonial-style buildings.


The mysterious beauty of the fascinating Antelope Canyon only really comes into its own on an exploration tour.


In Arizona’s north, the rock formations of Monument Valley unfold to an almost endless panorama.

Arizona Zip Codes