Artificial Lures Or Bait? Pros And Cons For Predator Fishing

I would say the same advance that I, although I use no bait fish for several years, but will try in this post, to remain neutral and to list all the pros and cons. Without question can man with two approaches fish catch. Bait fish have the great advantage that very often, attracting the robbers especially in the cold seasons because its strong natural smell. In most

Artificial Lures or Bait Pros and Cons for Predator Fishing1

lakes, moving very large Pike, Zander and perch and slowly rattling off their turf. If one brings in plenty of time, the probability is high that the bait fish is eventually caught by the predator. Although it is usually recommended to use native bait fish, I scored significantly better results with oily sea fish, so, for example, anchovies and mackerel are excellent bait fish for pike fishing. A quick picks up is very important bait fish fishing so that the predator not too deeply swallows the hook. Previously I have fished a lot of bait fish and this is method is really very promising especially with good knowledge about the structure of the Lake, because you know where is the KöFi place. Personally, for me, I decided to largely set the fishing with bait fish because I’m taking now hardly any fish and “Catch and Release” is often not possible with this method. I have it all my PB (Pike, perch and Pike-perch) with lures. It should however, anyone even know what is the main subject of his fishing trips and who draws like massive fish, for which is a very attractive variant bait fish fishing safely.

Artificial Lures or Bait Pros and Cons for Predator Fishing2

Whether spinners, flasher, Wobbler, Twister or soft plastic lures-only offers the huge repertoire of fishing lures to name a few variants according to – the possibilities in virtually all conditions to get every angler fish. In particular, it is important that you choose the right bait to the matching condition. At the lure fishing, I’m extremely flexible, can quickly fish out very many points and edges and feel immediately every smallest bite. The feeling of the fish contact is which is why I’m including much on the water, therefore the Kunstködefischen on predatory fish is my absolute favorite discipline at the fishing. In addition, that the robbers are usually easily hooked and can be reset as gentle. I tell you what techniques and materials there is the Kukö fishing, in an extra contribution.

Artificial Lures or Bait Pros and Cons for Predator Fishing3