Ask Manolo: Pimp Boyfriend

Dear Manolo,
find me on unknown territory. Dating in an Englishman with, in my Scandinavian eyes, horrible dress. G-star baggy shorts and short-sleeved shirts. My hair identified him as “english bloke”-but without the football interest. The very worst is probably the wide jeans.
I bought a shirt for him for Christmas (you cannot have short sleeves, not even in the summer) but now I’m hesitant to give it. Maybe I commit an abuse? Would not be brusque girlfriend who makes about altogether. Maybe I’ll start a little easier with a long sleeve knitted v-neck sweater?

It is not easy in Sweden with all the filippa k-guys in exactly the same black leather jackets. Such need not be. Any suggestions?

You are far from alone in that-as a well-meaning girlfriend-trying to get your husband to dress a little smarter. In my opinion, it is quite ok, but then you should not be afraid to try. Clothes is clearly preferable that gift, above, for example, interior details, because it is up to the receiver if he wants to use the garment or not.

What could possibly argue against is that what you are describing still sounds like a dress he actively selected. Going from baggy to Scandinavian strictly is probably nothing he himself considered and it should perhaps not be your ambition, either.

A long sleeved shirt feels like the absolute safest card, because all fit in it-actually, regardless of dress. Is it stiff so you can flip it up into the throat, is casual, you can roll up your sleeves and are you hobo joe can you wear it unbuttoned with linen or worn t-shirt underneath. The choice is his. And that’s the way it should be. I have similar ambitions with people in my vicinity, but it will never be good if one presses the. And-amazingly enough-have not all clothes that interest.