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Embassy in Australia

Australia, Embassy in Moscow
Australian Embassy in the Russian Federation: Moscow, Podkolokolny per., 10a/2

Tel.: +7 (495) 956-60-70

Fax: +7 (495) 956-61-62

Reception of citizens in the Department Visas and Immigration is carried out by appointment. Appointments can be made by phone or by email. Phone call hours: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Australia, Embassy website:

Australia, Russian Embassy in the country:
Russian Embassy in Australia: Canberra, Canberra Avenue, 78, Griffith (78, Canberra Avenue, Griffith ACT2603, Canberra, Australia), Tel.: (8-10-61-62) 95 -90-38, 95-18-47.

Transport in Australia

AIR Transport

The most suitable form of transport for tourism on the Australian continent is air transport, which is connected both with the size of the country and with the nature of the road and rail network, which poorly cover the central parts of the continent.

Domestic flights within Australia are operated by Qantas Airways and Virgin Blue. It is these airlines that operate regular flights to all cities in Australia. International travelers are advised to fly economy class. Group discounts are available for groups of 10 or more upon request.

In Australia there are a total of 428 licensed locations for receiving and departing aircraft, ranging from major international airports to airstrips serving sheep ranches.

RAIL Transport

The first Australian railway was built in Melbourne in 1854. The uncoordinated construction of roads with different gauges by the colonial authorities led to a system that was inconvenient, expensive and slow. The first priority was to convert the national railway system to a single standard gauge. In this regard, the rebuilding of the Adelaide – Melbourne railway line in 1995 was of great importance.

However, over the past 80 years, the length of the railway network has been noticeably reduced, as traffic was maintained only on state-owned railways with a total length of 33,370 km. Private railways serve only the mines and the settlements adjacent to them. Therefore, this type of transport in Australia is much less developed than aviation and road transport.

Due to natural features, the road network in Australia is unevenly distributed. Only the eastern, southeastern and southwestern regions of the country are adequately provided with roads.

Only 40% of all roads have a hard (asphalt or concrete) surface. Many roads are only rough or little different from trails, others are gravel or loose stone. Therefore, in rural and remote areas, traffic is sometimes interrupted for weeks during the wet season.

Of the reliable ways of auto communication, at the moment there is a ring road with hard surface, encircling the mainland, and the submeridional Darwin-Adelaide road.

Bus travel is generally the cheapest way to travel in Australia. City and sightseeing buses will take you to places where by plane cannot be reached, since this type of message covers most of the settlements of the continent. Almost every settlement is connected with neighboring ones through bus routes of varying intensity, so this type of transport is great for tourist purposes.

No matter how long you come to Australia, there is a special fare for you – an analogue of our travel ticket, valid on all bus routes for 7, 10, 15 and 21 days of continuous travel. This means that within 30 days you can make several trips with a total duration of 7 days (let’s say 3 and 4 days), and within 60 days – with a duration of 21 days. It is very convenient and economical.

In Sydney there are special bus routes designed for tourists – the buses on them are distinguished by red color and are appropriately called “Red Sydney Explorer Bus” and run between tourist sites in the city. Passengers can get off and on at any stop with a Sydney Explorer ticket.

Rent a car

In Australia, according to British tradition, left-hand traffic. Foreign drivers (aged 21 or over) in Australia must have an International Driving Permit (in English) and a National Driver’s License with a certified English translation valid while in Australia for at least 3 consecutive years. Foreigners driving, in addition to a driver’s license, are required to have a passport with a valid visa.

Communication in Australia

Telephone boxes in Australia are located on every corner. The cost of a call within Australia is from 40 cents.

How to call from Australia to Russia

You can make long distance and international calls from any pay phone. To make an international call, first dial 0011, then the country code (7 for Russia), the area code, and then the subscriber’s number directly.

How to call from Russia to Australia

To access an international line, dial 8-10, then the Australian code – 61, then the area code (one digit) – and the number of the called party.

Emergency Phones in Australia

Emergency telephone free reference service – 013

Police, fire, ambulance and other essential services – 000

Tourist Medical Service – (612) 221 71 33

Translation service TIS – 131 450

Embassy of Russia – (02) 6295 9033, 6295 9474

The official holidays in Australia are:

– January 1 – New Year.

– The last Monday of January is Australia Day.

– April 25 – ANZAC Day (Army Day).

– The second Monday in June is the Queen’s Birthday.

– First Monday in October – Labor Day.

– December 25-26 – Christmas. Almost all institutions are closed these days.

It should be borne in mind that, unlike the open and uncomplexed Australians, the Aborigines are quite shy and shy – they are absolutely not characterized by such a “wide-open life”.

According to lawschoolsinusa, shops are open from 9:00 to 17:30 on weekdays and close at noon on Saturdays. You can pay with credit cards – primarily Visa and Mastercard, as well as others that are universally accepted. Cashing out money from cards is not very convenient: they charge 15% for this service.

Tipping is not common in Australia. In a restaurant, tips are not higher than 10% of the bill, you can give a porter $ 1, a taxi driver is left with a change.

Australians are friendly, easy to train, distinguished by the denial of authority, love for a sharp word. The backbone of the population was made up of emigrants from England and Ireland.

Australians are extremely concise, they find brevity a wonderful quality. Business proposals should be stated simply, concisely, one should not go into details. When describing a product, be honest about its pros and cons. The offer price should not be overstated. In the tradition of most Australians – a relaxed style of dress. But for business meetings, visits to concert halls and the best restaurants, of course, you need an appropriate suit.

Local English – a parable in tongues. The habit of speaking through teeth and with half-closed lips (a legacy of hard labor) makes conversation very difficult at first.

220V, 50Hz;

Vaccinations are not required to travel to Australia. If you come from a country where yellow fever is present, the yellow fever vaccination is required.

No other medical certificates are required. In Australia, there is almost no health threat, but in some areas the local sun can be too hot for Europeans.

As in many other countries, quality medical care can be expensive when needed, so health insurance, as well as other types of travel insurance, is highly recommended.

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