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Russian citizens can enter Barbados for up to 28 days without applying for a visa in advance. It is issued at Grantley Adams Airport upon arrival. In order to obtain a visa, you must present a passport valid for at least 6 months from the end of the planned trip, a tourist voucher (an invitation or confirmation of hotel reservation), proof of solvency (bank statements, salary receipts, a letter of guarantee from a person or organization paying for the tour, etc.), round-trip tickets and pay 25 US dollars.

The import of foreign and local currency is not limited. The export of local currency is prohibited, and the export of foreign currency is limited to the amount indicated in the entry declaration. Persons over 18 years old can import duty-free up to 200 cigarettes, 100 cigars or 430 gr. tobacco products, up to 1 liter of spirits or wine, up to 60 ml of perfume and up to 300 ml of perfumes, as well as gifts and any other goods and products with a total value of up to 100 Barbados dollars.

It is forbidden to import imported rum and drinks based on it, fresh fruits and vegetables, any kind of camouflage clothing, weapons, ammunition and narcotic substances.

Embassy in Barbados

Barbados, Embassy in Moscow
There is no Embassy of Barbados in Russia.

Barbados, Russian Embassy in the country:
There is no Russian Embassy in Barbados. The nearest embassy is located in Venezuela:

Caracas City, Quinta “Soyuz”, Calle Las Lomas, Las Mercedes.

Tel.: (8-10-58-2) 993-45-31, 993-43-95.

Fax: (8-10-58-2)993-65-26.

Communication in Barbados

In the tourist centers of Barbados, you can see pay phones that work with phone cards and coins. Phone cards can be purchased at post offices, telephone company offices, hotels and supermarkets. Payphones support international communication. You can also make an international call from a hotel, telephone company offices, and post offices. The cost of a call from a hotel room is the highest.

In order to call from Russia to Barbados, you need to dial 8 – 10 – 1 – 246 (Barbados code) – the subscriber’s number.

In order to call from Barbados to Russia, you need to dial 011 – 7 – area code – subscriber’s number.

Emergency Phones in in Barbados

Ambulance – 511

Fire Department – 311

Police – 211


January 1 – New Year’s Day

January 21 – Prime Minister Errol Barrow’s

Birthday April 28 – Heroes’ Day

May 1 – Labor Day

August 1 – Liberation Day

November 30 – Independence Day

December 25 – Christmas Day

Barbados hosts many festivals throughout the year. In early July, the main cultural event of Barbados starts – the Crop Over festival, which is dedicated to the harvest of sugar cane. The festival lasts three weeks. At this time, musical performances, parades, fairs, fireworks, culinary, musical and sports competitions are held throughout the island. The end day of the festival – Kadumen (the first Monday of August) is celebrated with a costumed parade and is a non-working day. The Barbados Jazz Festival is held in January, the Holetown Festival in February to celebrate the arrival of the first English settlers in Barbados and the Austins Fishing Festival, in March the Congaline Street Festival, the St.

Barbados is considered a safe country for tourism. But still, it is worth observing elementary safety rules: you should not carry valuables, documents and large sums of money with you, and also leave things unattended. At night, it is not recommended to visit the red light districts in the capital. It is worth remembering that local legislation provides for serious penalties for all drug-related violations.

There are no special dress code requirements in Barbados, but, as in any other country, beachwear is not allowed in restaurants and official events.

You can swim only in strictly designated areas, because along some coasts of the island there are strong sea currents, and there may be rocks under the water. Also in coastal waters live large marine life, which can be dangerous to humans.

In Barbados, tourists are offered to purchase a tourist passport, which gives them the opportunity to visit several major museums, natural and architectural monuments of the country with a 50% discount.

According to lawschoolsinusa, shops are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00, Saturday from 8:30 to 16:00. Some supermarkets are open daily from 8:00 to 18:00.

In Barbados, you can see many duty-free shops, most of them are concentrated in the capital – Bridgetown – on Broad Street. When buying goods in such stores, you must provide your passport and provide details of your place of residence on the island. Alcoholic and tobacco products bought in duty-free shops are not handed out, they will be delivered to the airport by the time of your departure.

Most often, in restaurants and hotels, tips are included in the bill. If the tip is not included in the bill, then for service in restaurants you can add 10-15% of the amount, for porters and maids in hotels – about $ 1, in a taxi – the bill can be rounded up.

The locals are similar to the British: they also like tea, visit pubs, play golf, polo and cricket, go to horse races and go in for sailing. Barbadians are good-natured and friendly, they are always ready to help.

110V, 60Hz;

International health insurance is highly recommended before traveling to Barbados. The country is at risk of contracting hepatitis A, diphtheria, typhoid, tetanus and dengue fever. Mosquitoes are the main carrier of tropical fever, so you should take protective measures against mosquito bites: use repellents and protect the windows of rooms with nets. In addition, in Barbados, many tourists suffer from conjunctivitis and allergic reactions, which can be exacerbated during the sugarcane season. The island has a high percentage of HIV-infected people.

Local tap water is considered one of the cleanest in the region: it is purified in limestone strata. However, you should only drink bottled water.

Due to the high level of insolation, it is recommended to wear light cotton clothing and hats, as well as to use protective creams when in the sun.

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