Beautiful Footwear with Animal Print Prints All Jumping

The fashion of footwear with animal print reached to 2015 and has been making the biggest success in the feminine universe.And they are several prints, different colors and in many ways, being in whole models or even in small details that can come in a mix with other colors.

And you can find varied models of sandals, scarpins, peep toes, boots, tennis, creeps, among other models. And the print can come mixed with other colors such as nudes, red, black, among others.

Brands such as Bottero, Ramarim, Arezzo, Carnation and Cinnamon, and many others bring this footwear fashion with animal print with boldness and style.

And the women’s world bet this pattern as a synonym of sensuality and great elegance.

Among the prints that stand out, you can count on the prints python, tiger, jaguar, peacock, zebra, alligator among others. They are beautiful, and allow to give a special all up in any production.

And so you do not run the risk of making mistakes, so bet to combine this pattern with other neutral colors, and are preferably smooth.

There are those who bet on two prints together, but the best is to use common sense.

These foot prints with animal print look great in more tidy productions like with pieces in more noble fabrics and tailoring pieces.