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Citizens of the Russian Federation can freely enter the territory of Belarus, it is not required to apply for a visa. At the border, you must provide a general civil or international passport. Minors under the age of 14 traveling with their parents must be entered in the parents’ passport or have their own passport. At the same time, for children over the age of 7 years, it is necessary to have a photo in the parents’ passport. For minors over 14 years of age, only a civil passport is required. In this case, if the child is traveling accompanied by one of the parents or third parties, a notarized power of attorney from the remaining parent (s) is required to take the child out.

You can import and export local currency in an amount not exceeding 6,000 US dollars. The import of foreign currency is not limited, the export of foreign currency is allowed within 10,000 US dollars. In excess of this amount, foreign currency can be exported only if there is a declaration on the import of this amount, or if there is a permit from an authorized bank. Import and export of non-cash means of payment is not limited.

You can import duty-free to Belarus up to 2 liters of alcoholic beverages and up to 200 cigarettes or 200 gr. tobacco or tobacco products (persons over 18 years of age); up to 5 pieces of jewelry; up to 3 items of clothing made of genuine leather or fur; 1 copy of a watch; up to 4 tires per person and goods for personal use, not exceeding 35 kg in weight. When crossing the border, a customs declaration is filled out, which must be kept until departure.

The import of military weapons and ammunition, military equipment and ammunition, narcotic and psychotropic drugs, potent, radioactive, explosive, poisonous, poisonous substances, plants and animals, as well as radio-electronic means (with the exception of mobile phones) is possible only if there are permits from the relevant bodies of the Republic of Belarus. Import and export from the Republic of Belarus of precious metals and jewelry in excess of normal needs is permitted only on the basis of a special permit from the National Bank of Belarus. It is possible to import commemorative coins from semi-precious and non-precious metals without restrictions, from precious metals – only on the basis of a special permit.

Belarus, Embassy website:

Embassy in Belarus

Belarus, embassy in Moscow
Kitay-gorod metro station (Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line), Maroseyka st., 17/6.

Tel.: 777-66-44

Fax: 777-66-33

Belarus, Embassy website:

Belarus, Russian Embassy in the country:
City of Minsk, st. Starovilenskaya, 48

Tel.: (8-10-375-17) 250-36-66, 334-54-97

Fax: (8-10-375-17) 250-36-64

Contact in Belarus

On the streets of cities you can see pay phones with booths of gray and blue colors. From the gray booths you can make a domestic call, and from the blue booths you can make an international call. All pay phones work with cards, which can be purchased at kiosks, shops and post offices.

In order to call from Belarus to Russia, you need to dial 8 – 10 – 7 – area code – subscriber number.

In order to call from Russia to Belarus, you need to dial 8 – 10 – 375 (Belarus code) – area code – subscriber number.

Emergency Phones in Belarus

Rescue Service – 101

Ambulance – 103

Police – 102

January 1 – New Year

February 23 – Day of Defenders of the Fatherland and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus

March 8 – International Women’s Day

March 15 – Constitution Day

May 1 – Labor Day

May 9 – Victory Day

July 3 – Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus

November 7 – Day of the October Revolution

In Belarus, ancient Slavic holidays are vigorously celebrated – the Day of Remembrance of the Ancestors (Radunitsa), which takes place at the end of April, in mid-July – the feast of Ivan Kupala, and on December 21 – Christmas Kalyady. Lush celebrations are held throughout the country Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus (July 3).

According to lawschoolsinusa, shops are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00, large supermarkets are open until 23:00.

If you purchased at least 185 euros of goods in one store, then when you leave the country at customs you can return VAT, and if you bought luxury goods, then the luxury tax introduced in the country. To do this, at customs, you must present a receipt and goods.

In restaurants and bars, it is customary to tip 10% of the amount indicated on the bill. In metropolitan hotels, sometimes tips for service are already included in the bill, but if not, they are given directly to the service personnel, for example, porters and porters – about 1-2 US dollars.

Belarusians are very similar to their Slavic neighbors – Russians and Ukrainians. They are kind and responsive.

220V, 50Hz;

The Decree of the President of Belarus of 2000 established that all foreign citizens and stateless persons temporarily staying in the Republic of Belarus, when entering the Republic of Belarus, are required to have a contract of compulsory medical insurance concluded with a Belarusian insurance organization, or a medical insurance contract concluded with a foreign by an insurance organization, in case they are provided with emergency and emergency medical care by state medical and preventive institutions of the Republic of Belarus. The existence of such an agreement is confirmed by an insurance policy. That is, before the trip, you must take out medical insurance. First aid in emergency cases is provided to Russian tourists free of charge, however, with the necessary subsequent treatment, you will have to pay.

Only boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking or making ice. Vegetables and fruits must be thoroughly washed.

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