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Belgium Resorts and Attractions

Belgium is a state in Northwestern Europe. Common borders – with the Netherlands in the north, with Germany in the east, with Luxembourg in the southeast, with France in the south and west.

According to smb, the name Belgium comes from the name of the tribe “Belgians” who lived here at the beginning of our era.

The state system is a constitutional monarchy.
Population – 10.2 million people.
The capital is Brussels.
The climate is cool summers and fairly mild winters.
Time – Central European, 2 hours behind Moscow.
Monetary unit – euro.
Flight duration Moscow – Brussels – 3 hours 30 minutes.

To enter the Benelux countries, a Schengen visa is required. Easy access to this country makes the tourism business here quite popular.

Calling cards for vending machines are sold at newsstands and bookstores. The main means of transport are buses and trams. Traveling around the Benelux countries is also convenient thanks to an extensive network of railways and roads. You can use the metro in Brussels and Antwerp.

Helpful Hints
Making purchases in Belgian stores marked with the Tax Free sign and receiving a special receipt, you can get back 13% of the cost of the goods upon departure (when buying at least 125 euros).

Useful phone numbers
Embassy and Consulate of Russia in Belgium – Brussels, avenue de Fre, 66, tel. 374-3400, 374-5738,
Aeroflot Representative Office in Brussels – Rue Des Colonies, 58, tel: 5136066, 5136291
Ambulance and accidents – 100,
Police – 101.

No more than 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco, up to 1 liter of spirits and up to 2 liters of wine, up to 250 milliliters of eau de toilette or 50 milliliters of perfume, 1 camera and 12 photographic films, 1 video camera and 6 films can be imported into Belgium duty-free.

The climate is temperate maritime, oceanic. Winter is warm and rainy (snow rarely falls), summer is cool and rainy (heat in summer is an exceptional phenomenon). Cloudiness in Belgium is a common occurrence.

Resorts and attractions in Belgium

Belgium is a small country in terms of size and population, which tourists usually visit indiscriminately when traveling around Europe. But for those who want to feel the tranquility of Ghent and Bruges, visit medieval monasteries and castles, walk along small embankments, a few days of stay in the country will not be enough.

Belgium owes its name to the tribes of the Celts, who were called Belgians in this region, the Belgians once settled in the northern part of the Roman province of Galli, known as Gallia Belgica. Belgium has historically been considered part of the “low countries” which also included Holland and Luxembourg. There are many historical and cultural monuments in Belgium, and each city stands out with its unique buildings.

Belgium is for everyone. For some, this is the harsh beauty of the North Sea, for others – the glittering diamonds of Antwerp. This country surprises with the unusual beauty of castles and cities. And it is not in vain that they say that if you visit Brussels, you can assume that you have seen the whole of Europe.

Bruges – one of the most visited tourist cities in Belgium. Bruges is a fascinating and vibrant city that deserves the attention of tourists. It is the capital city of the province of West Flanders. The city gained its popularity due to the special well-preserved atmosphere of the Middle Ages, picturesque views of canals, bridges and ancient buildings reflected in the water surface. Time seems to have stopped here to let you admire the fabulous town from the snuffbox. Northern Venice or the Greatest of the gray cities – these epithets reflect the essence of the amazing city.

Interesting facts

Belgium is the first country in Europe, where in 1835 a railway was built (from Mechelen to Brussels).

Belgium is famous for its cuisine. National dishes – fried meat with salad, fried mussels.

Belgium ranks 21st on the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness List.

Football and cycling are the most popular sports in the country.

Belgians love good food. The country has an abundance of restaurants from the most luxurious to those accessible to the general public, where you can taste the best national dishes. Typical Belgian dishes can be complemented by French cuisine. In Belgium, many cheeses are made and a large number of varieties of homemade cheese are sold in the markets.

The national drink is beer, which has more than 300 varieties. Among them there is beer with the addition of cherry and raspberry juice. Also popular in Belgium is chocolate, which has been traditionally produced here for many years.

Belgium has many famous monuments. Among them – Waterloo Hill, located near Brussels and erected on the site of the famous Battle, as well as the ancient cities of Bruges and Ghent, in which buildings of the XII-XIII centuries have been preserved.

The climate is temperate maritime, so even in summer it is worth taking with you, in addition to an umbrella, a light raincoat. If you are going to travel in winter, warm clothes will not interfere: despite the usual zero temperature in January, dry frost can hit.

Belgium Resorts