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Embassy in Belgium

Belgium, Embassy in Moscow
The Embassy of Belgium in Moscow is located at 121069 Moscow, Malaya Molchanovka street, 7


(495) 780-03-31, (495) 780-03-41 (visa);


(495) 780-03-42 (visa), (495) 780-03-32

Addresses of visa centers in Belgium:

In Moscow: 127030, Struggle Square, 15/1.

In St. Petersburg: 191028, Gagarinskaya street, 34.

Belgium, embassy website:

Belgium, Russian Embassy in the country:
Russian Embassy in Belgium:

1180, Bruxelles, avenue de Fre, 66, Belgique

Phone: (8-10-322) 374-3400, 374-5738, 374-6886

Fax: (8-10- 322) 374-2613

Communication in Belgium

How to call from Russia to Belgium

In order to call from Russia, say, to Brussels, you need to dial the following sequence of numbers: 8-10-32 (Belgium code) – 2 (Brussels code) – subscriber’s number.

How to call from Belgium to Russia

From a Belgian phone booth, you can call almost anywhere in the world, and thanks to digital communication, the quality will be excellent. According to the method of payment, pay phones are divided into three types:

– Accepting payment in the form of coins.

– with payment by phone cards. You can buy a card at any newsstand.

– with payment by credit cards

In order to call to Moscow, you should dial the prefix to the international line – 00, then the code of Russia – 7, the area code and the number of the called subscriber.

Emergency Phones in Belgium

Fire Department – 100

Ambulance – 100

Police – 101

In Belgium, there are a large number of public holidays, to which local traditional ones are added, so the locals do not experience a shortage of days off. Below is a list of public holidays celebrated throughout the country.

January 1-2 – New Year.

March 31-April 1 – Easter.

May 1-2 – Spring and Labor Day.

May 9 – Ascension of the Lord.

May 19 – Holy Trinity Day.

May 20 – Spirits Day.

July 21 – King’s Oath Day, National Remembrance Day.

August 15 – Exaltation.

September 27 – National holiday.

November 1 – All Saints’ Day.

November 15 – Day of the Royal Dynasty, a national holiday.

December 25 – Christmas.

The country has a huge number of restaurants for all tastes and any budget. At the same time, the number of bistros and cheap eateries is quite small. The most inexpensive way to “eat” is the numerous cafes (in Flanders they are called “eetcafe”), each with its own cuisine, often quite refined, but inexpensive.

According to lawschoolsinusa, most of the shops in Belgium are open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00, on Saturday from 8.00 to 12.30. Monday morning). Small private shops are open until late, and there are also special “night” food shops.

Tipping Tips
in Belgium are almost everywhere included in the cost of service, so it is not necessary to leave them.

Since Belgian statehood is not very old or strong, discussing it may not be the best option when talking to Belgians. Therefore, if you happen to talk to the locals, then you should avoid criticizing the royal family and the institutions of the kingdom, as well as any topics related to interethnic relations. It is considered bad taste to compare Belgium with France or to copy the local Belgian accent.

220V, 50Hz;

No special vaccinations are required when entering the country. For emergencies, as in most countries, international health insurance is sufficient. Medical services are of high quality and quite expensive, but first aid is provided free of charge. But for all subsequent visits to the doctor will have to pay.

Antwerp (Belgium)

For those who have ever picked up a brush and dreamed of becoming a professional artist, Antwerp evokes quite unambiguous associations. It was here that the great Peter Paul Rubens was born and lived part of his life, a brilliant artist and a well-known admirer of women who were distinguished by rather magnificent forms. Today, the paintings of this most worthy of the sons of Antwerp can be seen in the local Royal Gallery of Fine Arts, which is known for its large collection of works by Flemish masters of the brush. Antwerp

itself, located on the banks of the Scheldt River, and surrounded on the other side by a high-speed ring road, is the largest Dutch-speaking city in the world, and one of the top ten largest ports on the planet.

First of all, tourists should appreciate its unique architectural appearance – it is here that the largest in Belgium Cathedral of Our Lady built in the Gothic style is located. Also of interest are the Town Hall and the Brabo Fountain, having examined which, it is worth going to the Jewish quarters, which conceal the heart of Antwerp – jewelry enterprises that are the pride of the city. Be sure to visit Pelikaanstraat where many jewelry stores are located.

The local zoo will also be interesting, and for lovers of clubbing, the “entertainment area” of the Central Square and the railway station is suitable.

Ostend (Belgium)

The beaches and dunes of the resort town of Ostend are the perfect place to spend a hot day and a romantic evening. In addition, recreation here is possible almost all year round – in the town of De Haan, located 20 kilometers from Ostend, one of the water parks of the Sun Parks International system has been built. It provides almost a complete set of beach facilities in a gated complex – up to surfing – in the pools, ocean waves are simulated, rolling on swimmers every 15 minutes. Solariums help to get a completely southern tan in strictly prescribed doses, and for the accommodation of guests a real hotel complex has been built here, consisting of cozy villas.

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