Best Doormat: Opinions and Prices

In this guide we provide some useful tips on how to choose the best mat for your needs.

The carpets have always been present in front of the doors of houses, starting from ancient times, before d ‘ come into the House of friends, relatives, or acquaintances the soles of our shoes, went for these doormats. Are placed in front of villas, homes in mountains and in the city, and not only that, even in private offices, our insoles have to pass on the doormat and must shine.

The mat has been used from ancient times, even the Indians used their doormat or a bamboo mat, straw or palm leaves. Wove the material between them and these were a little crude but effective doormats for their function. Were certainly not beautiful but they were handmade, and Indian women entered also competing for those who were able to make it nicer. The wives, once finished, I put everyone in front of their tents, like us today we place ourselves before our inputs. This custom of doormat remained even for the camper, tent or RV camping, who does, each shows off her fabulous doormat, on their carpet doormat buy in the centers that sell products from the sea and its cost ranges from 2.00 to 3.00 euros.

If we see the meaning of the word in the dictionary, in fact, means doormat mat you need to clean the bottom of the shoes, and turns out to be place outside each entrance before entering a store, in an Office, clinic, in a restaurant, in a movie theater or in other places. Usually the doormat says Welcome, its shape is usually rectangular and its thickness is very low. I wrote usually because today that is changing all around us, the world of dismal doormat is changing. Already the usual mat with one written very simple, from my perspective, is falling more and more into disuse, and the doors are opening wide to Mr. zerbino, not only round, but we find it rectangular shaped dog or cat too, oval, Crescent, with custom words, or even with designs on request. Among all those mentioned above the mat I saw a few months ago is very special, singing a doormat. Yes, you read that right, the carpet doormat that sings. This is the last news of the market, of course now we should not be surprised about anything, even the mat has a history of evolution.

How to Choose a Doormat

Today even our animals have their doormat, you read that right, even the faithful friend of man today can wipe its feet on the mat. If you go for a ride in the pet stores you will see that you can buy the mat to your Fido. I wish, however, to be precise: not all animal keepers sell them for various reasons, some for lack of space exposure article, others because they see fit that is unprofessional and that this sale is up to household goods shops. When you find the store that sells it, you will find the mat that represents your dog, the Pekingese, poodles, German shepherds, there is also the Dalmatian. These mats are to be placed in front of the Kennel so our dog can wipe their feet before entering into his shelter. But we can see that the dog that lives in the gardens, when it takes advantage of the beautiful sunny days, will use the mat just to warm his body in the Sun.

If we go for a walk to the zoo at the entrance to the box office, instead, we note the rugs doormats form hippos and rhinos. They are very nice with their green lawn and reflect the true color of the object inside, listed first. Even the cat and various animals belong to the rodent family have their doormat. Feline owners buy this item for their Kitty, because you must sharpen their beautiful nails, otherwise it may happen that the Kitty ruin the mat of the stay or the doormat of the garden. The rodents in their cages are also equipped with mini doormats because they have to clean up, but not the legs, I slowly rub their hands after opening the acorns.

As we could read, mats today are in common use, those cute brighten even our parties, in fact, on special occasions it takes the mat especially, maybe inlaid and colored and if we turn in stores that sell different gifts are really weird mats.

But if all does not satisfy us then we can buy custom mats and then let us customize our play mat, bringing us in special centres. Here we meet people who are able to create our own custom mats for our environments. On the market there are customizable with mats, for example, the logo of the owner of a property who want to advertise through this piece of furniture or mats for all occasions and environments. For example in cinemas usually on rugs doormats teaches WELCOME or welcome. Even the flower shop has its own fashion personalized doormat with various kinds of flowers such as daisies on a green background. Custom logos are many and reflect the needs of those who request it.

For sale include hard rubber mats with a cassette, where stands the mat inside and cleaning mats unfolds itself within the container of hard plastic, because it has direct connection with the sewers because it is mortised into the floor. Of course these doormats are not suitable for apartments, but it may be using certain types of listings, machine shops, shops that sell fresh fish which have within them always the wet floor, or even in our gardens exterior mats are very practical and their cleanup is quicker mats of fabric. The color that is very easily is black or gray, you need a person who usually is recommended by the same company from which you purchased the mat.

Maintenance Door Mat

Of fabrics and colors of mats there are so many, and even the prices are varied; It really is a very broad market. There are coconut mats PVC bottom, this is ideal for offices and you can also purchase by the metre. Multipurpose use synthetic fibre mats you are in various patterns and colors that you can place in the kitchen, corridors with non-slip underlay. Imperial classic mats rugs that are to be placed in front of the entrances of the houses. There are also mats type grass, are convenient for exteriors, gardens or parks. Measurements are 33 x 70 cm-40 cm miscellaneous X 80 cm. 40 x 90-cm. 50 X 60 X 100-120 cm., in addition to the measures that you may require. Facing the economic aspect, we can find the doormat of five euros to the doormat of eighty, ninety euros.

Now let’s take a look at the maintenance of the doormat is and what it is. Unfortunately, this article is a hotbed of infection, because its function and to clean the soles of our shoes and these are has contact with the road, with the gardens, with hospitals, and many times we can also step on Dog feces, therefore we need to clean it with disinfectant. Once a week passed on the doormat. Once a month, wash it with SOAP and then rinse brush, so that all dust and other germs can be overcome. For sale we also find special products are spray cans that you can use safely even on carpet, suitable to remove stains isolated, no need to clean around the mat. Every action has its time more or less short, follow these instructions so that you will find on each pack. If you use spray cleaners, you have to spray, wait several minutes and vacuuming. I recommend out of sight and after spraying, wash your hands. The price of the spray brand brand, you can buy varies both in detergent or stores in malls in carpet shops.

Custom Mats

We can also create us a doormat personalized with fantasy. The material that we need will be a doormat with unique background and solid, then a pair of scissors, a black brush, adhesive tape, various markers and a sheet to trace the design. Begin by choosing the design that you want to copy, and once you have decided the drawing on the paper, then cut out the traced drawing very carefully, place your decorative composition on the doormat, and secure it in place with duct tape. Now with the brush and the pen start Paint (logically are special pens for fabrics, so the color does not go away, even if it will wash.) Once done the design, remove the sheet of paper and tape and wait a few hours before using it.

Taking a look at the types of mat that can be found on the market classification will be a direct consequence of the use to which they will be put. In this regard we may be interested in rugs, mats, bathroom mats. Let us see them together.

Mats rugs, these doormats are narrow and long, are placed either side of the bed where I usually go down, so bare feet do not take cold. They are warm and soft tissue, of various colors and give up the rooms.

Bath mats. Are usually very absorbent cotton, sponge, or double, as they serve to absorb any water that falls to the ground, as in the bathroom. Their peculiarity and that absorb water without letting it spread everywhere. Exist both for the sink is for the bidet.

Carpet mats. They are very long and narrow, are usually found in the hallways of a House to pass from one room to another, or in the hallways of offices.

Anyway of doormats and mats, rubber, cotton, hay and many other types of fabrics, today really have something for everyone, we just have the elegance and simplicity of placing wisely and according to use our doormat.