Blog Reader Question (13): Sensors for Led Outdoor Spotlight?

It is a tragedy: even “experts” often don’t know what motion can easily control LED outdoor spotlight. Therefore, a blog reader turned in desperation to me.

A Steinel Sensor and a 20 Watt LED floodlights – this combination should work almost certainly.

Sonja from Reichelsheim in the Odenwald described me its urgent LED problem on weekends:

“… felt in my with electricians, hardware store employees and also a manufacturer and research on the Internet I fell earlier endless conversations about your page and the really great and so painstakingly elaborated reviews around the topic of LED. As one of the people who have an account on Facebook, Twitter and co., I would ask only on this way, to dedicate your time to me, because I found no solution/help for my problem. In addition, time is so short, because in a week provided the framework to House, because a curtain wall is mounted.”

I am looking to secure the House outside, (preferably in warm white) we want to attach the LED outdoor lighting directly under the roof overhang, but they must still additionally…

(a) separately several meters deeper attached motion control. This in maybe 3 meters height and so reachable by a ladder to the readjustment.Alone this is the killer question, because no one can tell me: which emitter/detector with what wattage can I interconnect, so that they later do not flicker. I get as a reply: ‘I don’t know, you have to try out.’

(b) spot must be on/off switchable (when installing electrical systems a few years ago this has prepared already the electrician company).

(c) the radiator must be set all the way down. I’ve just STEINEL spotlight here, where I first, as I think one of the spotlights in the hand can see and read the operating instructions ‘only on the wall’ and he is to align not down at all. That he must, because he should annoy the neighbors not but report only the approach of strangers to the House. And…

(d) the radiator must be black or at least dark (House is namely Brown due to the wood-like covering).”Women are at that unfortunately some sensitive.”

LED lights may not all sensors

Indeed there are problems with Thyristor circuitry in motion or dusk sensors again and again if they should cope with comparatively weak to Watt LEDs and the capacitive load. Flicker, flicker or Flash the LEDs, and partly remain but also very dark. Models with anelectromechanical relay not usually make this difficult.

Since I even just have expanded the defective detector at a sensor-LED outdoor Spotlight and replaced externally by a newly-purchased, assembled by STEINEL, I can give “green light” at least for this sensor model. My short answer to Sonja was therefore:

“These combinations should work: Such LED floodlights (five pieces, can shine when wall-mounted down), or this (a piece twice as bright as the first), together with this motion detector (I even with LED floodlights in use, can be set completely down).” If it what should be better (and far more expensive) while the spotlights, for example, this OSRAM “Noxlite” lightwould be an alternative.”

Color fidelity is rather secondary outdoor spotlights

Of course, that the former “cheap”floodlights can be not the first choice in terms of color reproduction. But this is mostly irrelevant for such outdoor area lighting. It may be also times less than index RA/CRI 80. Question to the reader:

“The recommendation for the motion was important because of the flicker. We have the STEINEL with 120 degree coverage, so that he recorded with not the sidewalk. So just one question: you know whether the other motion detectors by STEINEL generating no flickering, so the chosen can keep? Or is the power to change the lamp here generally decisive?”

My advice is to:

“I can recommend only motion I even tested. In principle, there are fewer problems, more Watts have the LED floodlights. You may want also the use of a detector together with several floodlights. Corner man of course needs several detectors on larger facade surfaces and about it. The recommended floodlights can be aligned in any case straight down.”

Their experiences are in demand

And now blog reader Sonja and I trust that you can contribute your experiences with various sensors and LED spotlights, suggested by lightinghowto. What station wagons have worked with you and which are not? What’s with the reliability (angle of detection, removal, sensitivity) of the respective motion and brightness, beam angle and light quality of floodlights that switched?

Write it here below in the comments – best with in the text of “embedded” links to the products. Sure other readers can benefit.