Brazilian Magazines Get in the Way of the Ipad

Magazines and other publications face a dilemma:how to create content for tablets like the iPad?

Brazilian Magazines Get in the Way of the Ipad

Because tablets are actually a new medium.They are not print media and neither are web.

I work in the area and I know how it is: it’s not easy to carry content from traditional media, such as the paper magazine, to the tablet.

Our weekly iPad magazines are just an extension of your print alike. Or, to be more precise, a mix of printed material with its web versions.

To make them more “modern”, they offer videos, audios and slide shows.But they can not advance the use of resources that the new technology offers.

Weekly:almost the same content as your websites

The See for iPad ($ 5) is the one that most resembles your web version.Perhaps the only major difference is an index, which facilitates navigation.And just.

Brazilian Magazines Get in the Way of the Ipad 1

The Epoch also follows the same path, but it has a more clearly adapted iPad look and a much better built index.Interesting and at the same time weird is the option to view the static photos of the material as a slide show.

The two magazines also allow you to connect to their websites to access the latest news.

This IS has an app very similar to Veja, but it is free.Maybe that’s why you will not find almost any information on the web about the magazine and its version for Apple iPad at On the É É site there is a subscription promotion that gives a water purifier “by Hebe” (sic) as a “toast”.Who knows, Editora Três is preparing a better app.

“Newspapers”:the formula does not change

Brazilian Magazines Get in the Way of the Ipad 2

Also the newspapers like O Globo, Folha de SP and Estadão follow the same line and – like all other publications – are in the test phase.

To summarize: Brazilian print media companies have not yet learned how to transfer their information to the iPad.

Almost all of them get in the way of defining what type of content is most appropriate.Putting too much text where it could have an infographic or many photos, where could have a video.The design is polluted, sometimes suffocating.

Of course, this is not the easiest job, but it is precisely there that foreign publications have fared better.And, let’s combine: just transferring content from one media to another does not make much sense.Offering a bonus – with some videos and photos – will not seduce the user either.

Brazilian Magazines Get in the Way of the Ipad 3

Other national publications for iPad

In addition to the weekly magazines, dozens of other Brazilian publications are also available on the iTunes Store.

As Caras magazine, where it can be learned that Carol Dieckmann took the son to the CBF awards.Capital Letter and Dear Friends for now are out of the iPad.

You can also download apps from tvs, radios, football clubs, horoscopes, weather and other trinkets.