Brunette Tropycana: Swimwear!

As the year went by too fast my genteee, there’s only 2 months to the summer yuppiii. It’s my favorite season! I love the energy, vitamins and sunshine, and my star sign Leo is ruled by this star! As I’ve said here many times, I’m in love with brazilian fashion, and today I’m presenting the brand bikinis Brunette Tropycana. Is a national brand, created and produced in the State of Goiás, is our Central Western Brazil dictating swimwear for all Brazil.

Brazilian woman-oriented, always hip and cool in search of quality, comfort and sophistication to brand your identity Tropycana Brunette brings the taste and style of the brazilian, colorful, glad and sexy. Got bolder and more models behaved without losing the charm. Now it’s easier and faster for the DIVAS of the entire state of Mato Grosso do Sul, with personalized service and ONLINE to better serve you, the models are available in out site or via whtas app out site, with modern and practical assistance for women South Mato Grosso glass all over Brazil. The Dako is part of the family of Tropycana and Brunette have exclusivity of the brand here in our region.

Come see some of the beauties “which I booked for you, not to mention that very soon I will post on my instagram a super raffle of a bikini and a bathing suit, run there and participate! Is valid for all Brazil. Now Let’s enjoy the weekend in style and who want you can enjoy with your swimwear fresh and current at Let’s play in the pools, rivers (kkk since has no sea, let’s work with what you have, the rivers) and in the sands of our Brazil veronil.