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California stands for the comforts of life like hardly any other region in the world: grandiose nature, cosmopolitan metropolises and a breath of great freedom shape the lifestyle of the most populous state on the west coast of the USA. Framed by the roaring Pacific Ocean on one side and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada on the other, a California trip offers an indescribable diversity, both in terms of landscape and culture, which is only surpassed by Hollywood’s wealth of ideas in Los Angeles.

A life is too short to discover all the sights of California. The best way to do justice to the diversity of the state is to take a tour.

If you want to experience desert areas, take a California round trip to the southeast of the state. East of San Diego is the Colorado Desert with Joshua Tree National Park, famous for its wondrous trees. To the north is the Mojave Desert, which also includes the famous Death Valley with its climatic extremes.

Sierra Nevada is in northeastern California. The natural beauties of this mountain range are made accessible to visitors through various national parks. Almost all California trips include a visit to Yosemite National Park on. And rightly so! Here, in one of America’s most famous national parks, you can climb, hike, or just admire the majestic sight of the granite wall of El Capitan.

In terms of landscape, northern California is characterized by forests and giant sequoias that reach the wild beaches of the Pacific in Redwood National Park. But you can also experience volcanic activity on a California trip. Steaming chimneys and boiling springs can be found in Lassen Volcanic National Park in the far northeast of the country.

The capital of California is Sacramento, on the northern edge of central California, where history buffs can learn a lot about the time of the California gold rush. Wine lovers shouldn’t miss the Napa Valley on their tour. It is the wine growing region of California and offers visitors many opportunities to visit wineries.

The legendary Highway No. 1 takes you back south along the Pacific coast, crossing on the way to San Francisco the Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy the special charm of this city, which has so much more to offer than just its famous landmark. On your trip along the California coast, your path leads past numerous relaxed beach and surf towns where you can breathe in the typical Californian lifestyle.

In the warm south all year round you can experience the fusion of Central and North America in and around San Diego : You will hear Spanish in public just as often as English.
Finally, you will reach the largest city in California – Los Angeles. Places like Malibu, Beverly Hills or Santa Monica are known worldwide thanks to the entertainment industry in Hollywood and are associated with glamor and film stars.

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Trips to California are worthwhile all year round. It is not too hot on the coast even in summer. The mountains in the east offer plenty of snow in winter for a wonderful skiing holiday around Lake Tahoe or on Mammoth Mountain. The deserts in the south promise dry weather in every season, but are particularly suitable for a round trip in the winter months.

No matter when, you will be amazed by California. It is best to plan your trip right away – we will be happy to help you.



Huge sequoias, rushing waterfalls, sparkling lakes, mountain-high sand dunes and many other natural wonders await you.


Many shopping opportunities, countless sights and culinary highlights can be found especially in San Francisco and LA


Let the waves take you to famous surf spots like San Diego, Malibu or Huntington Beach in Orange County.


With its extraordinary and diverse landscapes, Highway # 1 is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world.


Meander along the wine-growing regions and taste a fine wine in Sonoma County or Napa Valley.


The most famous district of LA is considered a trademark of the film industry and gives an insight into the life of celebrities.


Numerous theme parks such as Disneyland, Legoland and Seaworld ensure great fun without limits in the Golden State.


The proximity to the Mexican border means that the south shines with its relaxed atmosphere and pleasant climate.

California Zip Codes