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Cambodia Resorts and Attractions

Cambodia (Kampuchea, Khmer country) is a state in Southeast Asia, in the south of the Indochina peninsula. Capital Phnom Penh. Common borders in the east with Vietnam, in the north with Laos, in the northwest with Thailand.

According to smb, 75% of the country’s territory is a plain. Temperature from +25*С to +38*С.

Since the end of the civil war, the country has attracted a large number of tourists. The country is attractive for its climate, low prices, and exotic cuisine.

Traveling through the Kingdom of Cambodia you will remember visiting many interesting places and exciting adventures. This country quickly began to rise in the ranking of tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Due to the affordability of prices, people are increasingly choosing this country for recreation and travel, where you can get acquainted with the exotic culture of the East.

Cambodia has a mild and safe climate and, unlike the neighboring resorts of Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, there are never typhoons, tsunamis and earthquakes here. The snow-white beaches and warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand have recently attracted more and more tourists and investors from all over the world. At last count, Cambodia has 458 km of coastline and 52 islands. According to experts, there are about 40 islands off the coast of Cambodia with investment potential. The depths around the islands are moderate. on average, it is 15-30 meters, but there are also depressions, with a depth of up to 40 meters.

Resorts and attractions of Cambodia

One of the reasons to visit the kingdom is the beautiful beaches. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, silk sands of local beaches, which are no worse than the beaches of the neighbor – Thailand. Almost deserted beaches and sparsely populated areas, here you can enjoy peace and tranquility. You will also have the opportunity to visit the nearby islands and relax under the leaves of huge palm trees, watching the horizon and the ocean.

If you ever decide to come to the Kingdom of Cambodia, you will definitely have to visit one of the main historical sites, an analogue that you will not find anywhere in the world. angkor wat – an archaeological park that testifies to the existence of the once Kingdom of Angkor in this area, the ruins are perfectly preserved, despite the fact that they were built several thousand years ago. The technology used in the construction of temples was far ahead of that time. Here you will find evidence of the life of the ancient Khmers. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where time seems to have stopped.

Interesting facts

Cambodia is one of the most “mined” countries. After the end of the war, several million active mines remained in the country.

Islands of Cambodia

Koh Puos is a snake island.
Koh Pu is also known as Morakot island or Snake Island. Koh Pu is 800 meters from Victory Beach. The island is under development by Russian investors as a luxury resort. The island has been connected to the mainland by a bridge since July 2011.

Koh Dek Kul Island (nail island).
Today, legends circulate around this island, people come up with different stories, write articles in the press and post a lot of material on the Internet. What drew people’s attention to this island? What is so mysterious and interesting about it? A unique project has been implemented on the island – an exclusive 5* hotel has been built. After visiting the island, you will see a wonderful museum-like hotel with magnificent rooms furnished with antique furniture, the decoration of the hotel rooms is simple and unique, complemented by cozy restaurants. You will be surprised how harmonious it is.

Koh Tas (Koh Tas) tray island.
Small island off the coast. Passing by the island of Koh dek kul, you will get to the island of Koh Ta, or as it is also called “Tray”. It is named so for its flat shape. At the moment, the island has been acquired by a group of Indian entrepreneurs. They, like everyone else, want to build a resort on the island, with hotels, villas, restaurants. Until construction on the island began. Koh Tas Island is a diving option for those who do not want to spend time traveling to distant islands. The optimal depth for diving is between 3 and 12 meters and is inhabited by coral reefs, a wide variety of shellfish and fish. Also Koh Tas is perfect for snorkelers.

Koh Rong.
Koh Rong is located in the Gulf of Thailand, about 40 km from the coast of Sihanoukville. Magnificent beaches. There are two small ethnic villages on the island; there are monkeys and monitor lizards. Today, the island is deserted, the underdevelopment of infrastructure and the virginity of nature. This is the secret of the island. But soon it will be one of the most famous tourist islands in Cambodia. The island is insanely beautiful. Bays covered with white velvet sand and washed by crystal clear turquoise water, the beaches stretch for many kilometers. In the center of the island there are thousands of coconut trees and waterfalls. Who has been here says paradise on Rong Island! At a depth of 3 to 18 meters, diving enthusiasts will find coral reefs and many species of fish,

Koh Kon.
A small island north of Koh Rong Samlem. Despite the modest size of the land, the surrounding waters are famous for underwater cliffs, coral reefs and a variety of fish species, from parrotfish to cat sharks. The optimal depth for diving is from 3 to 12 meters.

Koh Rong Samloem.
Large island with luxurious white beaches. On the island there is a small fishing village, a naval base, a bungolo for tourists. The water area of ​​the island from shallow water to a depth of 18 meters is teeming with marine life: crabs, hedgehogs, octopuses and rays, not to mention dozens of fish species, just ask for an underwater camera lens.

Koh Russei, Koh Russe Island.
10 km from Sihanoukville is a small Bamboo island (Bamboo island) with a length of only eight hundred meters. The coastline of the island is completely covered with rocks. Ko Rousse attracts tourists primarily with the bewitching beauty of landscapes, the blueness and purity of sea waters, as well as the small number of tourists. Arriving here by boat, you will spend several unique and romantic days. On both sides of the island, hospitable owners of cafes, restaurants and inexpensive bungalows open their doors to those who wish. Experienced and novice divers will have a lot of fun diving into the underwater world of this wonderful island.

Koh Ta Kiev, Koh Ta Kiev Island.
The island of Koh Ta Kyiv is located in the Gulf of Thailand, belongs to Cambodia. Included in the city-province of Sihanoukville. The surface of the island is covered with forest. The highest point is 63 meters. There is a small settlement on the island – Kaohtakieu. A strait of less than a kilometer separates the island from the Ream National Park. There are many surface stones near the coast of the island. The nearest islands are Koh Rousse and Koh Sramaot.

Koh Tunsay, Koh Tunsay Island.
Koh Tonsai is located off the southwest coast of Cambodia. “Ko Thons?y” means Rabbit Island, and it is located near the mainland of Kep. The island is located 4.6 km south of the mainland.

Koh Tang, Koh Tang Island (formerly the island of smugglers).
Koh Tang Island, located in the heart of the Gulf of Thailand, is unique in terms of geographical location, as well as a pearl untouched by civilization, in terms of its natural and ecological characteristics. Mangroves, plantations of coconuts, bananas, pineapples and mangoes, bamboo groves, the absence of snakes and predators.

Koh Prins, Koh Prince island.
At one time, Koh Prins was a stumbling block in the Vietnam War. The enterprising Vietnamese placed cannons and machine guns on the island, the Americans bombed the island and burned it more than once with napalm. As an echo of that war, unexploded bombs and a very young growth of trees remained on the island. There are no animals. But, perhaps, this is not the main attraction of the island. Now the island is perhaps the best place in the country for diving and fishing. Excellent visibility (more than 20 meters), rich underwater world make diving interesting and eventful. Fans of spearfishing will definitely get a valuable trophy – there are really a lot of them.

Cambodia Resorts