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A visa is required to enter Cambodia. It can be obtained at the Embassy of Cambodia, and when traveling for the purpose of tourism – upon arrival at Phnom Penh or Siem Reap airports, as well as at land checkpoints between Thailand and Vietnam. If you enter the country through Siem Reap, then the minimum stay in the country should be 3 days. Also at the airport you can put a business visa for 3, 6, 12 months. To apply for a visa, the following documents are required:

– a passport with a validity period of at least 6 months from the end of the trip;

– 3 photos;

– 3 completed questionnaires in Russian and English.

The cost of a tourist visa is about 20 US dollars, the processing time is from 2 days. A visa is issued for a period of 1 month, but can be extended after it expires for another 3 months for a fee, after which it is necessary to leave the country.

A visa can also be obtained through the e-visa service on the Internet. This will require a digital photograph and a valid credit card.

Import and export of foreign currency up to 10 thousand dollars is allowed. For the export of amounts above 10 thousand dollars, permission from the National Bank of Cambodia is required. The export of the national currency is prohibited. Duty-free importation of 200 cigarettes or their quantitative equivalent of cigars or tobacco, 1 open bottle of strong drink, a reasonable amount of perfumes, household items and items within personal needs is allowed. It is forbidden to import weapons, ammunition, drugs, toxic substances, audio and video recordings that “damage the state system and spiritual traditions of the country.” The export of antiquities and ancient works of art that are national treasures, precious metals and stones in commercial quantities, and wild animals is prohibited.

Embassy in Cambodia

Cambodia, embassy in Moscow
Starokonyushenny pereulok, 16

Phone 201-47-36, 201-39-25

Fax 956-65-73

Cambodia, Embassy of Russia in the country:
Phnom Penh, Sothearos Boulevard, 213

Tel. of the Embassy of the Russian Federation (855-23) 210-931, consular department (855-23) 217-694

Fax (855-23) 216-776

Communication in Cambodia

Calls to Russia can be made from a hotel, a local contact point, and an Internet cafe. The approximate cost of a phone call from Cambodia to Russia is about $4 per minute, an Internet call is $0.12 in Phnom Penh and $0.24 in other cities. Lately, pay phones, rare so far, have begun to appear on the streets of the capital, cards for which can be bought at the post office, in supermarkets and hotels.

To call from Russia to Cambodia, dial 8 – 10 – 855 – area code – phone number.

To call from Cambodia to Russia, dial 00 – 7 – area code – phone number.

Emergency Phones in Cambodia

Police – 117/012-999-999

Tourist Police – 012-942-484

Fire Department – 118/023-722-555

Ambulance – 119/023-724-891

January 1st – New Year’s Day

January 7th – Victory Day over the genocide regime

mid-February – Chinese New Year

March 8th – International Women’s Day

three days in April – Khmer New Year

May 1st – Labor Day

May 3rd – Royal Plowing Ceremony Day

One day in May – Buddha’s Birthday (Visaka Buja)

June 1 – Children’s Day

June 18 – Queen’s Birthday

September 24 – Constitution and Coronation

Day two days in October – Ancestors Day (Pchum Ben)

October 23 – Paris Peace Agreement Day

October 30 – November 1st – King’s Birthday

end of October – beginning of November (three days) – Water Festival

November 9 – Independence Day

December 10 – Human Rights Day

Religious festivals are celebrated according to the Buddhist lunar calendar. One of the main Khmer holidays – New Year (Chnam Tmai) – marks the end of the dry season and the arrival of the monsoon. It usually falls in mid-April. The celebration of the New Year is accompanied by the construction of sand slides, symbolizing the stupa in which the hair of the Buddha is kept. The Khmers believe that every grain of sand placed on the mountain relieves sins.

The holiday of remembrance of the dead – Prochum Ben is especially popular. This ceremony is treated very carefully, because. during the reign of Pol Pot, someone close to each family died. This holiday begins on the first day of the waning moon month – Photrobot. According to legend, during the waning moon, when the sky is covered with clouds, and the nights are getting darker. Yama – the king of the dead – releases the souls of the dead, and they temporarily live among people. First of all, the souls of the dead are sent to the pagodas, and if they do not find traditional offerings in them, then they curse their relatives. The main component of the offerings is fig.

Interesting Water Festival. It starts in late October or early November, when the Tonle Sap River changes its course and flows into the Mekong River. At this time, pirogue races are held in Phnom Penh.

In Cambodia, you should follow some rules of conduct.

– Shorts should not be worn when visiting government offices and religious sites.

– Leave your hat at the entrance, do not carry it with you.

– Take off your shoes before entering the temple.

– Treat monks with respect, especially in temples.

– The donation of a small amount of money or the purchase of a candle, a lotus flower in the temple indicates respect.

You can’t show your anger. This means loss of face and puts everyone in an uncomfortable position.

– Do not stroke children or adults on the head.

– Legs, not as revered part of the body as the head, due to touching the ground, so do not put your feet on the table. You can not cross your legs in the presence of monks.

– Don’t point fingers at anyone.

– If you vote by waving your hand or raising your thumb up, this may be considered as sexual interest.

– When handing things to other people, do not use both hands, only your right hand.

According to lawschoolsinusa, the markets are open all seven days of the week and usually from dawn to dusk. The break in the work of the markets occurs for several days during the main holidays – Chinese New Year, Khmer New Year and the Feast of All Souls.

Tipping in Cambodia is optional, but if you’re satisfied with the service, kindness and hospitality, please do something nice for the staff, as salaries in Cambodia are very low.

Khmers are not very hardworking, they love their country very much. The moral principles of the inhabitants of Cambodia are strict: for the most part, they do not drink alcohol and drugs.

220V, 50Hz;

Vaccination certificates are not required when entering Cambodia unless you come from a yellow fever risk area. Optionally, you can get vaccinated with hepatitis A, typhoid, diphtheria, tetanus.

There are hospitals with qualified European specialists in Phnom Penh and Sim Reap, including SOS-Clinik (AEA International SOS assistant), which provides any medical care and urgent evacuation for medical reasons. Doctors and hospital staff accept cash for any assistance provided. It is recommended to take out an insurance policy before the trip.

Cambodia Visa