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Canada is a country in North America, the second country in the world in terms of area. The name comes from “kanata” which means “village” in the Iroquois language. The capital is Ottawa.

It occupies most of the North of North America. The temperature in winter and summer can vary from -60*C to +40*C.

Canada is more of a country of broad geography than an eventful history. The main wealth of this land is forests. In them you can find white spruce with fluffy needles, sugar maple and, of course, Canadian maple. Its leaves become so bright in autumn that the trees look like flaming torches. The leaf of this particular tree is depicted on the national flag of Canada.

According to smb, this country is located in North America. Its shores are washed by 3 oceans: Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic. In terms of area, it is second only to Russia, so quite often it is called the “country of wide expanses.” The infinity of its steppes, the harsh beauty of mountains and lakes, the wealth of mineral resources, forests and waters have made Canada the glory of a unique country.

More than 500 years ago, the first Europeans sailed to these places across the Atlantic Ocean – the French and the British. They founded their settlements in the St. Lawrence Valley and on the shores of the Great American Lakes, where the largest Canadian cities are now located – Montreal, Toronto and the capital – Ottawa. Subsequently, there were two largest provinces: French – Quebec and English – Ontario.

Before the arrival of Europeans, Indian tribes lived in the St. Lawrence Valley, and Eskimos lived in the north. The lands on which the Indians lived were fertile, the forests were rich in game, and the lakes and rivers were rich in fish. Until now, in these forests there are bizarre Totems – huge pillars carved from solid trees, they depict big-eyed monsters, long-beaked birds and many different animals worshiped by the Indians.

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Resorts and attractions in Canada

If you are traveling in Western Canada, in addition to national parks and architectural structures, you simply need to visit the regional dinosaur park located in the Red Deer River Valley. About 300 scientific discoveries have been made in this place, and the remains of dinosaurs found here are kept in many museums around the world.

Ottawa (formerly Byton) – the capital of Canada since 1857. This is a fascinating city in the southeast of Canada in the state of Ontario, at an altitude of 114 m above sea level, on the banks of two rivers. Ottawa is a significant cultural and historical center of the country. Translated from the Indian “ottawa” means “exchange”. This place in ancient times served as a point of trade meetings of the tribes, this is even before the foot of a European set foot here. Ottawa is built on a hill. Initially, this hill was in the possession of the Ottawa tribe, who lived on the coast of the river of the same name with the city. Until now, the descendants of the Indians are unsuccessfully fighting for the return of the hill.

Toronto – this is the largest city in Canada where old and modern water and land routes intersect, going to the Great Lakes region. Toronto is unsurpassed skyscrapers, ancient mansions and picturesque parks. A number of entertainment centers, theaters, museums, stadiums await tourists here. All conditions for business and cultural recreation have also been created.

Whistler is a small Canadian ski resort near the Pacific coast, a couple of hours drive from Vancouver. This resort gained its worldwide fame thanks to snowboarding. This is not surprising, since the climatic conditions here allow a huge amount of snow to fall.

Vancouver located in the southwest of Canada in the province of British Columbia. The city stands on both banks of Barrard Bay, surrounded by dense coniferous forest, snowy mountains and fjords, and is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Vancouver is a city of adventurers and travelers, it was created by gold miners who discovered gold in the headwaters of the Fraser River. The Lion’s Gate Bridge, decorated with figures of two lions, connects the official part of the city with the northern districts. This bridge is named after the peaks of Lion Mountain, located on the northern part of Vancouver, resembling the heads of sea lions. In summer, festivals and sports competitions are held in the city, and in winter, tourists from all over the world come to local ski resorts.

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada. In Montreal, many historical monuments and buildings of ancient architecture have been preserved. The historic center of the city is a web of narrow, cobbled, humpbacked streets lined with countless souvenir shops, their walls dark from time to time, hung all over with paintings of streets, monuments, and churches.

Interesting Facts

Canada’s border with the United States is the longest common border in the world.

Ice hockey is Canada’s official winter sport.

Stampede is the world’s largest festival, taking place every summer in Calgary.

Ottawa is the political capital, Montreal is the capital of French culture, Toronto is the capital of English culture, Vancouver is the financial capital, Oshawa is the automobile capital of the country.

5 Canadian beaches deserve the “Blue Flag” in the international environmental quality program.

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